2011 Diet Resolution

It is a New Year and with that many people make resolutions.  Diets are among the number one resolutions out there, but how about trying one that not only benefits you- but the island as a whole! That is right – how about putting you and your family (and you company for that matter) on an Energy Diet!

Most people can say that they have left the house and have forgotten to turn off an outdoor light, or have left a boardroom and have forgotten to turn off the TV, lights or projector.  Mistakes happen and we get busy and that is when we should use technology to control our spaces and help us save money!

We urge all of our lighting systems clients to carefully think about their lighting programming and think about the ways that we can re programme your lighting systems to help save money on your BELCO bill and reduce energy consumption.

 Ask yourself questions like:

  • Are my lights programmed on timers?
  • Do my outdoor lights stay on too long?
  • Can I do with using the lights at 90% of the wattage?
  • Are my lights programmed to turn off at a certain time just in case they are left on?
  • Are there any unnecessary lights in my lighting scenes?
  • Am I or someone else constantly forgetting to turn off a light?

If you are finding that you are losing money and wasting energy with your lighting system we urge you to contact us so that we can help you stay committed to an Energy Diet.  A simple programme change can save you hundreds in the long run.

If you do not have a programmable lighting system in your home or office you can still commit to the energy diet by installing the following:

  • Lighting Timers – located at ESC
  • Photocell switches- that only turn lights on in darkness
  • Sensor switches – that only turn on lights when motion is detected

Along with lighting we must stay conscious of appliances and electronics that we use on a daily bases.  High efficiency appliances can cost more- but are well worth it in lower utilities. When it is time to replace an appliance make sure that you spend that extra couple of hundred dollars on an energy efficient appliance as it will save you in the long run.

Other areas where you can save energy besides appliances:

  • LED Televisions
  • LED lighting
  • Water pump timers – or unplug it while on vacation
  • Unplugging charging equipment that is not in use
  • Shutting down your computer when not in use

Be very careful of compact fluorescent bulbs- although they save energy most of them contain mercury which is very harmful to the environment then they are disposed.  Instead look into LED lighting for a long life and lower disposal pollution. 

Most importantly remember to turn off lighting or electronics that are not needed.  Be reasonable about your energy consumption.  A little bit over a long time adds up! Your yearly payments to BELCO can be reduced if you and your family commit to an Energy Diet this year.

Ashley Roberts| Precise Systems

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