3 Ways to Optimize Home Lighting Automation with Precise Systems

Get the most out of your Bermuda home with Crestron lighting solutions

While media rooms and security may be the flashier aspects of home automation, neither is as important to your day-to-day living as home lighting automation. Think of the first thing you do every time you enter a room. You likely turn on a light or close the shades depending on what you’re doing.

In a traditional household, no other tool in your home is used as often as a light switch. Crestron’s lighting solutions can save you time simply by centralizing all those switches into one interface on a smart device like a phone or tablet. Features like custom scenes, motions sensors and motorized shades can help you further optimize lighting automation while capitalizing on the dreamy Bermuda sunlight.

Scenes control an entire area

Specific spaces in your home can serve different functions depending on the time of day or the activity taking place. With an automated lighting solution you can pre-set scenes to happen without having to manipulate all the individual components in a room.

In the morning, shades can open or lights progressively turn on to ease you into your day. For children, lights can be set to slowly dim over a period of time to facilitate their bedtime and keep you from having to wait at the door until they fall asleep and then turn off lights. When leaving the house, you can use the master “off” option to turn off all the lights and avoid worrying about forgetting a specific room.

Shades and motion sensors equal energy efficiency

Crestron’s motorized shades can be programmed to optimize natural light to save energy, especially during the long summer days. Working in tandem with the shades, lights will automatically adjust depending on the amount of sun light entering the house so you don’t have to worry about turning lights on and off when natural illumination is available. Motion sensors throughout the home also ensure lights turn off when a room is not in use. This feature avoids unnecessary lights being left on throughout the day.

Boost your home’s security

In addition automated lighting is an important component of your home security system. Lights can be directly linked to a security system, discouraging potential intruders from entering the perimeter of your property. With Crestron your security system works seamlessly with both indoor and outdoor lights, adding value and making your home safer.

Lighting solutions can be useful if you are away on a trip or to keep your vacation home secure when not in use. Along with the scenes mentioned earlier, a ‘vacation’ scene takes your usual patterns of use and turns lights on and off and lowers and raises shades to simulate someone being in the house.

See the benefits of home lighting automation first hand. Contact us to find out the best ways to optimize your Bermuda home.

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