About Us

Precise Systems Integration was established in 2004, and is solely committed to providing its clients with a total technology experience.  Precise Systems backs its product and delivers unequaled quality to its clients.  We provide continued inspection and support to clients for years after their initial Bermuda installation to ensure the system is working well for their individual lifestyles. Every project is custom designed for the client, from the initial discovery meeting to selecting and creating the personalized touchpanel software. Precise Systems works directly with you to better understand how technology will enhance your day-to-day living.  Whether you only need a few zones of audio, or full smart home control, Precise Systems Integration meets your needs.

We specialize in:

Precise Systems has a solution custom-made for you whether you are planning on introducing technology to your Bermuda home, home theatre system, media room, restaurant, or boardroom.

Precise Systems works with local and overseas trade specialists to produce the highest quality installations and service. Our affiliation with these companies gives us access to a network of expertise and support.

  • International
    • Crestron
    • LiteTouch
    • Leviton
    • Holovision
    • Vantage Point
    • Escient
    • Proficient

In having relationships with these companies, Precise Systems Integration can instantly have access to a huge network of trusted specialists; this ensures its clients receive the best service possible. It is a great asset for both Precise Systems and its clients. With these unparalleled resources available, we are able to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.