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Control your entire Bermuda home with key pads and touch panels all within your reach. You can have access to multiple sources of audio and video served to you from one single discreet location with a whole home audio video system. There is no need to have a cable box, CD player or DVD player in every room. Precise Systems Integration delivers professional audio/video design and installation. With our systems you can have control and access to:

  • AM/FM
  • XM satellite
  • Sirius satellite
  • CD s
  • IPOD/MP3 devices
  • Music server database
  • Your personal collection of uploaded DVDs
  • Digital cable
  • Satellite
  • Surveillance Cameras

Enjoy your choice of high quality music throughout your entire home, or just in the room of your choice.   Choose a CD, change the tracks and adjust the volume while you relax with your newest read.  You can listen to a soothing jazz channel on XM satellite in one room, while your kids listen to the top 10 countdown on their favorite FM radio channel. Never misplace a DVD again, store it in your home automation system and play it in any one room, or multiple rooms in the house.  Why not go further to enhance your total home technology experience and create the ultimate home theatre system?  From your seat you can dim the lights, select a movie, adjust the volume and experience it in digital surround sound.

Precise Systems can give you this total smart home technology experience. The possibilities are endless and they will all be tailored to your individual needs.

Audio/Visual Communication Projects:

Precise System works together with Bermuda Technologies to create some the island’s finest boardrooms. The commercial audio video technology that we offer for boardrooms will make meetings, video conferencing, voice conferencing and presentations easy and a pleasure to conduct. Impress your existing clients and prospective clients with a boardroom equipped with easy-to-use impressive technology. Boardrooms are not the only place where people have to connect remotely: we also work with classrooms and other unique mobile settings.

We help people connect all around the island and the world faster and more effectively.

Link to Polycom
Link to Polycom