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Rugby World Cup 2011 App

Rugby World Cup 2011 opening ceremony will be held on September 9th at 4:30am Bermuda time! That is 7:30pm (NZST). Since the World Cup is held in New Zealand this year you may need some help keeping track of the matches, since they will be taking place in the wee hours of the morning.

The good news is you will not have work in the way of catching your favorite teams play, the bad news is your co workers are going to have to deal with your tired grumpy arse. So scout out a place to nap in peace at your job, stock up your bar and download the app (below) and tell the wife, or significant other, that you will be missing between September 9th – October 23!


August 2011 News

August 2011 News from Precise Systems


July 2011 News

July 2011 News from Precise Systems


Hurricane Tracking for Android

Android Phone users can stay on top of the hurricane weather news with the SeaStorm App by Poignant Projects for 1.99 available on the Android Market.  Keep track of developing storms and hurricanes with this easy to use App that provides detailed information about storms in the Atlantic basin.  This app provides you with: storm overviews, storm advisories, text from the NHC, 5 day tracks, wind probability, storm surge maps and more add on options.  This app received a 4.5/5 in the Android App store and may be a good thing to add to your hurricane season prep list.


Hurricane Tracker Apps for Apple

It is hurricane season so make sure that you visit Gorhams or Masters  to replenish any supplies you may need.  While you are stocking don’t forget to go to iTunes and get a Hurricane tracking App!  Yes there is an app for everything….

One app that comes highly recommended by reviews is the Hurricane Tracker App by EZ Apps, Inc for $2.99.  It comes with tracking maps, information from the NHC, threat level maps, forecaster audio/ video updates, real time feeds, detailed push alerts, storm advisories and much much more!  It is available for iPhone/ iTouch and iPad.

Other Hurricane Apps for Apple:

Hurricane HD by Kitty Code 3.99

Coming Soon: Stormpulse for ipad


Back to School Apple Apps

As we move through August we get closer and closer to students going back to school, and the morning traffic increasing again.  As parents stock up on school supplies, buying new uniforms, shoes, binders, pens, etc; we have decided to throw more into your check list: APPS!   Apple iPhones and iPads already come with a slew of useful apps for students, teachers and parents to help such as –voice memos, calendar, emails, memos, etc.  But with the growing number of Apps in the Apple store why not add some more?

Here are a few that we think you should add to your Back-To-School shopping list:

1: Google Mobile App

Get the most advanced Google search experience for your iPhone, now with Google Goggles, Voice Search and My Location.  Great for researching on the go – all you have to do is talk into it and let the app work for you. Google mobile app also gives you access to all of your other Google accounts including Gmail and Google Calendar.

2. Stanza

Back-to-School means Back-to-Book Reports! Reading is an essential part of education, but it is 2011 so let’s make it interesting.  Forget the moldy books in the library and try Stanza.  Stanza brings digital books to your iPad or iphone.  It has boasted 4million downloads worldwide with over 50,000 contemporary titles to chose from + an additional 50,000 FREE classics (the school type books).

3. Wordbook English Dictionary and Thesaurus, 1.99

Spelling Tests, essays, English Language class, creative writing all require a good dictionary at some point.  So long the days of carrying around a pocket dictionary – let’s face it: they are cumbersome and heavy! Try the Workbook English Dictionary and Thesaurus out, it has more than 150,000 entries, weblinks, spoken pronunciations and a few more cool tools

4. myHomework

My Homework app has got to be the coolest homework diary.  It helps students, and teachers, stay on top of all the many due dates, schedules, meetings and activities that come with being a student.  A great free app to help you keep organized!

5. The Chemical Touch

Studying sciene? Why not make it a bit fun.  This app has an interactive periodic table that has lots of information about the different elements, the standard amino acids, and much more.  It may become super handy during a Chemistry assignment.

6. World Atlas HD 1.99

A Great handy app for geography class. This app is a beautiful interactive atlas that lets you surf the world with your finger tips.  In an instant you can pull up a countries stats like, population, capital, language spoken, flag, majority religion, square miles, political situation and more.

7. iFormulas

Instead of wasting time flipping through your notebooks looking for formulas for common integrals download iFormulas and have them all handy at your finger tips!  This App has formulas for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics and More!  It is a free app and worth a try.

Your Shopping is not complete without thinking about a cool binder mount for your iPad….check out this one we found on …just a suggestion.


Discover Crestron Touchpanels

Crestron launched an industry when is introduced the world’s first touchpanel.  Since then many home control companies have arrived on the market, and lately a range of consumer products have popped up for the DIY Weekend Warriors.  But with all this competition on the market Crestron has been able to remain a leader in home control and is recognized world wide.  Have a look at the Crestron Touchpanel Brochure to introduce yourself to the sleek designs of Crestron.


Amazon’s Huge Blu-Ray Sale

Who doesnt like a sale?  From now through to Saturday, August 20,2011 is offering up to 65% off over 20 of the past best-selling Blu-ray deals of the week.  A little sample of what is on sale:

  • The Bourne Trilogy: $32.99 (save 53 percent)
  • Dances with Wolves: $9.99 (save 67 percent)
  • Raging Bull: $12.49 (save 58 percent)
  • James Bond Blu-ray Collection Three-Pack (Vol. 1, 2 & 3): $25 each (save 64 percent)

Check the list to see what esle is being offered.


Move over iPad! There is a new tablet in town

Apple iPad has held the #1 spot for “buzz” about tablets, but lately it has been the Samsung Galaxy that has nudged its way to the top of the headlines and Apple isn’t liking it.  Apple felt that the Samsung Galaxy was a copy of the iPad and filed a suit against its sale.

Recently a  German court has temporarily lifted a restriction today that was preventing Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being sold throughout most of Europe. The initial sales injunction was enacted last week because of a suit filed by Apple, which claimed that Samsung’s tablet was essentially a copycat to Apple’s successful iPad tablet.

According to Dutch site Webwereld, the Dusseldorf District Court has issued an interim statement allowing Samsung to again sell the Galaxy Tab throughout the EU nations, with the exception of Germany. The German court will have formal hearing on August 25, at which time, the sales injunction could return.

At 499.99 US the Samsung Galaxy, an Android device which supports Adobe flash,  is at a perfect price point to compete with Apple’s iPad, which has been the “big boy” on the market for the last year.  Also, the new coming acquisition of Motorola by Google means that the android market more than likely going to boom!

Click here to find out more information about the Samsung Galaxy Tablet