About Energy Labels for TVs

Starting in May of 2011, TVs sold in the United States will bear EnergyGuide labels like the ones found on appliances. Yep, we’re talking about those ugly yellow and black labels—though the ones on TVs will be smaller. Since we in Bermuda buy most of our TVs from the United States we will be seeing these yellow stickers soon too.

Things to Know:

  1. The ruling affects all TVs manufactured after May 10, 2011 and starts at that date for retail stores. Print catalogs and Internet sites that sell TVs directly must display energy information or the label starting July 11, 2011
  2. The labels will have the familiar black type on yellow backgrounds and will not be as large as those found on appliances. They will be either horizontal or vertical rectangles that fit on a TV’s bezel, or a triangle that will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. The label will display the TV’s estimated annual energy cost and a visual comparison of how its efficiency compares to similarly sized models, as well as yearly estimated annual electricity usage. The estimated annual cost is based on 11 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) and 5 hours daily use (along with 19 hours per day in standby mode). The estimated yearly electricity use will be displayed in kWh.  **BELCO has an average of about 23 cents per Kilowatt hour**
  4. If the TV is rated as an efficient Energy Star model, the Energy Star logo may be displayed. Labels will also display the manufacturer’s name and model number.
  5. The label’s annual energy calculations do not have to include the energy consumed by integrated functions such as DVD players, nor do they require a disclosure that the integrated functions’ energy use is not included.
  6. The labels will compare televisions of similar screen sizes in 4-to-5-inch increments. This places only one or two commonly sold screen sizes in each category. “Because consumers tend to shop by screen sizes, categories allowing them to easily compare energy costs for the same screen sizes should help them choose among the models that interest them.
  7. Testing of TVs will follow the test procedure used for qualifying Energy Star TVs. Manufacturers don’t have to test each basic model annually; they must retest only if the product design changes in such a way as to affect energy consumption.
  8. United States Internet sellers must display the full EnergyGuide label. This can be done via a link, but any such hyperlink must be in the form of a distinctive icon with the EnergyGuide logo in black and yellow. The label or icon must appear clearly and conspicuously and in close proximity to the product price.
  9. Direct-sale print catalogs have the option of stating the annual energy cost and not including the comparison scale or the full label.
  10.  Labels on boxes are not required. However, manufacturers may choose to label the boxes of small televisions (such as those with screens up to 9 inches), rather than the televisions themselves.


Designer LiteTouch Engraving

Icons and images have been used for telling stories, providing directions and labeling since the stone ages.  Icons are great because they are quickly understood by users and they can span across language barriers. 

 So if they are so great, why not incorporate them in your keypad designs for your LiteTouch system? Well now they are and are available for you to use to control your systems.  No need to write Left Foyer, Right Foyer, Desk, Fan, Shades, etc – just replace it with a clean simple image that is clear and easy to understand for everyone.

 Custom engraving is available to all LiteTouch installs both existing and new.  A simple upgrade such as icons instantly adds a more polished feel to your home or office. 

 Click here to download the LiteTouch Custom Engraving Brochure


Control with a Touch

Crestron is changing the way we design touch panels. They have become sleeker, easier to use, and more powerful. Touchpanels come in an array of sizes and suit many appicaltions. See how easy it is to control your home and office with just one touch.  Watch the video and see for yourself:

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Lite Touch is Wireless

Retrofit lighting control is in growing demand, and LiteTouch Wireless offers a rich and powerful lighting control system for whole-home retrofits and remodels. This new consumer-oriented brochure offers excellent product education on system features and benefits; an enticing presentation of LiteTouch’s beautiful retrofit keypad style; plus user-friendly Idea Book & Planner consumers can use to begin planning their own retrofit installation.

Consumers have a lot of questions about lighting control, especially in retrofit situations. It’s hard for many people to imagine how different and enhanced their existing home can be when LiteTouch Wireless is added to it.

The new LiteTouch Wireless brochure is designed to answer all those questions and more. Straightforward text and engaging visuals give consumers the whole story. The Idea Book & Planner affixed at the end is an easy-to-use workbook that lets homeowners see how simple it can be to plan their LiteTouch Wireless system.

A completed Planner makes installation so much easier for the LiteTouch installer because the homeowner is educated and engaged in the planning process. The homeowner is happy to get the most out of their system, and the installer is happy that the process was efficient and effective. Everybody wins!

Click the Brochure to Download and Contact us when you are ready for a site visit and consult


Update: Crestron Prodigy


Crestron just announced the P-CBDEX and the P-KPLEX, two new wireless keypads that connect directly to the Prodigy home control system. That means there is absolutely no need for any type of gateway. 

That’s because all Prodigy control systems, such as the new PMC3 and PMC3-XP, feature a built-in wireless gateway. No separate network is needed, making for a cleaner, easier installation process – especially for one room installs, renovations and smaller budgets. 

The P-CBDEX offers both lighting and multiroom audio control inside one Prodigy keypad. It has access to on/off functions, as well as audio source selection, volume, lighting presets, and more. Featuring six green pinhole LED lights for 2-way feedback, this model can accommodate up to eight buttons. 

The P-KPLEX is more of a rocker -type control switch. Designed specifically to do lighting, the P-KPLEX is all about simplicity. That theme runs through the installation, the design, and actual use of the unit. 

Crestron’s Prodigy systems and keypads are available now through us at Precise Systems 


2011 Diet Resolution

2011 Diet Resolution

It is a New Year and with that many people make resolutions.  Diets are among the number one resolutions out there, but how about trying one that not only benefits you- but the island as a whole! That is right – how about putting you and your family (and you company for that matter) on an Energy Diet!

Most people can say that they have left the house and have forgotten to turn off an outdoor light, or have left a boardroom and have forgotten to turn off the TV, lights or projector.  Mistakes happen and we get busy and that is when we should use technology to control our spaces and help us save money!

We urge all of our lighting systems clients to carefully think about their lighting programming and think about the ways that we can re programme your lighting systems to help save money on your BELCO bill and reduce energy consumption.

 Ask yourself questions like:

  • Are my lights programmed on timers?
  • Do my outdoor lights stay on too long?
  • Can I do with using the lights at 90% of the wattage?
  • Are my lights programmed to turn off at a certain time just in case they are left on?
  • Are there any unnecessary lights in my lighting scenes?
  • Am I or someone else constantly forgetting to turn off a light?

If you are finding that you are losing money and wasting energy with your lighting system we urge you to contact us so that we can help you stay committed to an Energy Diet.  A simple programme change can save you hundreds in the long run.

If you do not have a programmable lighting system in your home or office you can still commit to the energy diet by installing the following:

  • Lighting Timers – located at ESC
  • Photocell switches- that only turn lights on in darkness
  • Sensor switches – that only turn on lights when motion is detected

Along with lighting we must stay conscious of appliances and electronics that we use on a daily bases.  High efficiency appliances can cost more- but are well worth it in lower utilities. When it is time to replace an appliance make sure that you spend that extra couple of hundred dollars on an energy efficient appliance as it will save you in the long run.

Other areas where you can save energy besides appliances:

  • LED Televisions
  • LED lighting
  • Water pump timers – or unplug it while on vacation
  • Unplugging charging equipment that is not in use
  • Shutting down your computer when not in use

Be very careful of compact fluorescent bulbs- although they save energy most of them contain mercury which is very harmful to the environment then they are disposed.  Instead look into LED lighting for a long life and lower disposal pollution. 

Most importantly remember to turn off lighting or electronics that are not needed.  Be reasonable about your energy consumption.  A little bit over a long time adds up! Your yearly payments to BELCO can be reduced if you and your family commit to an Energy Diet this year.

Ashley Roberts| Precise Systems


Experience Crestron e-Control


In 1998, Crestron developed e-Control®, the industry’s first IP-based control system. The original eControl enabled remote system control via a web browser. Web pages were created in Java or HTML, for the first time allowing system managers and endusers access to the system from anywhere in the world.

As the world leader of control system innovation, Crestron continued to revolutionize IP control, taking e-Control® to the next level. Crestron introduced e-Control®2, its second generation of IP-based control solutions, utilizing a Microsoft® COM/ActiveX™ foundation. e-Control2 provides a fully transformable platform through Crestron’s VTPro-e® GUI design software. The result is a suite of inspired solutions called XPanel.

Rather than simply providing remote access, XPanel, using e-Control2, truly replicates the Crestron touchpanel experience on any PC or PDA. The exact touchpanel GUI is presented on the remote PC, replicating every button-press, including system feedback. Full HelpDesk functionality including system diagnostics, monitoring and control is possible in real-time.

Contact us if you are interested in adding e-Control to your Crestron System


Is it time to upgrade your LiteTouch?

Upgrade your Lite Touch System to take advantage of the latest in Lite Touch technology.  Lite Touch creates all their systems to be backward compatible, meaning that you can build on your existing system with Lite Touch’s newest technology and additions to enhance your lighting control system. Install the new Wireless System Expansion, freshen your look with the latest keypads, or add new lighting zones to your system.  Lite Touch has an ongoing commitment to make sure that every Lite Touch customer has access to all that lighting control has to offer, as Certified Lite Touch Installers Precise would like to extend that commitment to Bermuda clients.  Please view the attached pdf. for more information.  If you are interested in upgrading or installing a new lighting system please see our upgrade brochure  and contact us for a site visit and consult.


LATEST- Authorized LiteTouch Dealers

We are proud to announce that we are now not only certified Litetouch installers; we are now also Authorized LiteTouch Dealers!  This means that we will be able to service our existing LiteTouch customers more efficiently by supplying them with all LiteTouch products and keep clients informed about new and exciting products that LiteTouch offers.  We will also be able to be your LiteTouch contact and installer from design to install to completion. 

We aim to ensure that our clients, both existing and potential, receive the best service possible and by becoming certified dealers we can do exactly that. 

If you are interested in upgrading or installing LiteTouch into your home, office or next project please feel free to contact us as we will be happy to discuss.


Crestron’s new Room View add-in for MS Office


Crestron Announces Add-In for Microsoft® Outlook®

Crestron RoomView® Asset Management and Scheduling Software Now Accessible through Outlook®

Crestron today announced the release of the new Crestron RoomView® Add-in for Microsoft® Outlook®. This revolutionary add-in seamlessly integrates the award-winning Crestron asset management and scheduling software into the Outlook environment. A “Crestron RoomView” icon located in the Outlook “Appointment” toolbar is the portal to powerful RoomView™ tools, such as room scheduling based on availability, room size and installed technology.

Benefiting from its extensive partnership with Microsoft, Crestron developed the add-in to deliver, within Outlook, a whole new level of scheduling functionality and efficiency. With direct network access to schedule conferences based on room availability, size and installed technology, a user can click on the Crestron icon in Outlook and select from a list of pre-defined meetings, to ensure that the right space is reserved for any meeting. For example, choosing a “videoconference” preset can turn on the projector, lower the screen and shades, dim the lights and dial into the VTC minutes before the scheduled start time to ensure the room is ready. Actions may also be chosen, such as powering down all systems in the room 10 minutes after the meeting ends.

“For the first time, IT/AV and facilities managers – or anyone who sets up meetings – can view calendars, invite attendees, and make sure that the right room is booked for any event based on the number of participants, the type of meeting and the technology required – all from one program,” said Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing. “Achieving this level of integration demonstrates the reach and influence our industry has, in terms of shaping the future of business and technology. We are the ‘I’ in IT.”