Crestron to Open Design & Technology Experience Center


 Crestron announced today the upcoming opening of its state-of-the-art Experience Center located at its world headquarters in Rockleigh, NJ. The new multi-million dollar interactive environment celebrates the company’s 40 years of innovation and leadership. The fully immersive experience will provide integrators, architects and designers with a space to introduce clients to Crestron, meet with Crestron executives, collaborate with system designers and to demonstrate the latest state-of-the-art technology in elegantly appointed, functioning application environments. The 8,000 square foot suite features an atrium-style reception area, cutting edge multimedia presentation room, digital boardroom, Theo Kalomirakis Home Theater and an expansive interactive design lab.

The center is a compelling destination location and one of the highlights of a complete tour of the Crestron campus, a small city dedicated to innovation, engineering and client support. In addition to the Experience Center, Crestron will open its doors to business partners and guests for an inside look at the sophisticated, and until now, rarely seen 100,000 square-foot Research Center, where more than 350 engineers are developing the products and technologies of tomorrow; the 150,000 square foot manufacturing plant; the 50,000 square foot pre-production facility, and the 50,000 square foot worldwide distribution center. The appointment-only tours provide a compelling, in-depth look into the world of Crestron, to fully understand and appreciate the level of commitment, investment and expertise of Crestron, and why it’s the global leader in digital HD technology and control solutions.

“Some people know us, and think of us as a big company and industry leader. Others may not have heard of us at all,” explains Crestron Executive Vice President, Randy Klein. “But to come here and see it all firsthand is always an eye-opening experience. It’s hard to imagine what we have and what we’re doing. You really have to come and see for yourself.”

The expansive new Experience Center was designed by world-renowned interior designer Andres Escobar. Fashionably appointed with the finest fixtures and furnishings, the center elegantly blends chic design with cutting-edge technology. Guests walk through the terrazzo entrance way and are transported from a typical corporate reception area into a bright, open grand atrium with rounded walls and a high ceiling that features geometric skylights.

“When you walk through the doors you immediately know this is not a typical showroom or demo area,” observes Klein. “We didn’t rent or move into a generic commercial space. We started with a clean slate and challenged Andres to design a modern space and unique atmosphere that would facilitate creativity and collaboration, and where we could also host events and showcase technology.”

The reception area features a 7.1 in-ceiling surround sound system, Digital Projection HD projector and Stewart Filmscreen StarGlas screen, Hubbell Lighting fixtures, Philips Color Kinetics three-color LED chase lights, Renaissance Lighting LED downlights, a custom made wave-shaped stainless steel counter with a quartz countertop and leather high-back stools. LED lights are installed throughout the center, and are dimmed and controlled from Crestron touchpanels to establish the desired ambiance for various occasions, such as a sales meeting or corporate event.

After welcoming guests and understanding their unique interests and needs, the Crestron Experience Center features several fully functional, state-of-the-art rooms in which to demonstrate how the latest technology looks, sounds and functions in a real-world environment. The p


resentation room and executive boardroom are completely furnished, and feature the latest solutions including a Digital Projection dVision projector and a Pioneer HD display, Hunter Douglas motorized shades and Crestron audio, video and control systems.

Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing adds, “These aren’t simulated or mock application vignettes. These are actual installed systems in real fully-operational rooms.” Bruno continues, “No cost was spared and no detail was overlooked, right down to the modern designer bathroom, which is also Crestron controlled.”

The Theo Kalomirakis Home Theater, designed by the father of home theater himself, delivers the highest quality HD video and surround sound experience. Featuring Crestron PROCISE™ 7.3 HD surround sound processing, ADMS Intermedia Delivery System, Digital Projection TITAN three-chip 1080p projector, Stewart Filmscreen 143-inch CineCurve screen, Revel speakers, RPG acoustical room treatments and CinemaTech theater seats, guests are treated to nothing short of media euphoria.

Finally, the interactive design lab features more than 500 Crestron products on display. At their leisure, clients can peruse, compare and evaluate working, fully programmed entertainment systems, touchpanels and remote controls, lighting and HVAC systems. The entire facility has a digital infrastructure, fully wired with Crestron’s revolutionary DigitalMedia™ (DM) Cable and DM components installed throughout, allowing visitors to experience the only end-to-end digital solution available today.

“It’s one thing to read a spec sheet online or flip through a catalog,” says Bruno. “But step into an environment like this and actually push buttons and watch magic happen is the best way to understand the benefits and value of our solutions.”

The Crestron Experience Center officially opened October 20th.







Affordable Crestron Classroom or Boardroom

Introduce yourself to Crestron QuickPacks- it is a complete presentation system that is simple to install and easy to use.  The Crestron QuickPack contains everything component necessary to deliver standard, reliable presentation technology.

System Points:

+ Affordable                            +Select Computer or video source and adjust volume

+ Projector control                    + instant messaging with tech support

+ Works with any brand            +One Click broadcast messaging

Crestron QuickPacks feature basic system control with AV switching, audio amplifier, speakers, wall plates, mounting hardware and cables.  Simply add your choice of a new or existing video projector, screen and AV sources.  If your office has Roomview, or wants to incorporate Room View software into its daily operation it can with QuickPacks.  QuickPacks provide safe and secure network communication with Crestron Room view Software.  Roomview enables users to request live AV help desk support, AV managers can remotely troubleshoot and take control of projectors and other connected devices.  Built in broadcast messaging enables single click display of daily announcements or emergency alerts on any projector on the Roomview network.

QuickPacks come with:


MPC (Media Presentation Controller)                            

 Media Presentation Audio Amplifier

Surface Mount Media Presentation Speakers        

 Media Presentation wall plates

Universal Projector Mount                                                              

Power Pack for Audio Amplifier

Power over Ethernet injector for MPC


Crestron Introduces Prodigy™ Home Control



 Prodigy by Crestron, the most respected and trusted name in home automation, it is control without compromise. Installed in more homes worldwide than all other brands combined, Crestron is the global standard in luxury homes.

 Backed by Crestron quality, expertise and support, Prodigy provides the power and scalability you’d expect at a price you can afford. Now every house can be a Crestron home with Prodigy. Prodigy offers affordable, simplified control of your home and entertainment from any room in your house or any place on the planet. Keep all your music, movies, lights, thermostats and security at your fingertips where ever you are and where ever you go. You are always in touch and in control with Prodigy. Make your home the perfect sanctuary where you can escape everyday stress. Just a simple tap of your finger brings you serenity, comfort, convenience and pleasure. Prodigy does all the thinking so you don’t have to.


Simple to install

 Prodigy products are all specially designed to seamlessly work together so there’s no special wiring and no expensive installation. Fast, reliable wireless solutions mean that any home system can be set up quickly and easily, saving you time and money.


Easy to use 

 Prodigy intelligently manages home entertainment, lights and thermostats for you, so you just instinctively press a button and Prodigy serves up whatever you desire. Prodigy delivers modern home management and keeps you in control.



 Peace of mind, security and happiness are not luxuries reserved only for the privileged. Prodigy provides the highest level of home entertainment, comfort and convenience for every family, every lifestyle and every budget. Built on a flexible, scalable platform, you can start with a home theater today; distribute music throughout the house tomorrow, then add lighting and climate control—even remote control from laptops and mobile devices.
















The Fine Art of Concealing


The Fine Art of Concealing 

It’s no secret that flat-screen televisions are flying off retailer’s shelves and finding their way into living rooms, family rooms and media rooms across the country. But even before they’re installed, many homeowners are looking for ways to hide them from view when not in use. After all, a large slab of black glass mounted on the wall doesn’t complement the décor of most rooms.

Homeowners, interior decorators are turning to Precise Systems for innovative solutions to conceal home theater components and flat-screen televisions. Our solutions are perfect for residential installations, hotels, conference rooms and other commercial applications.

Concealing with Fine Art:

One of our solutions is concealing your television with Fine Art. Clients can chose from a large variety of custom frames and museum-quality prints that are on a motorized canvas that raises and lowers to reveal a television. Precise Systems helps you install and conceal technology into areas of the home where it would sometimes be welcomed.

How does it Work?

The system consists of a metal back-box, outfitted with a picture frame and a motorized assembly that raises and lowers the artwork. The back-box or housing can be surface mounted or recessed into a wall depending on the type of components to be covered. Each unit is custom made in almost many different display sizes.

There are more than 50 pre-finished frames to choose from. Frames come in different qualities, finishes and widths to suit the style of any décor.

There are three galleries of fine art from which to choose. The Premiere Gallery offers more than 300 limited-edition fine art prints, with each signed and numbered by the artist. The Asian Gallery, inspired by traditional Asian partition screens, includes an artist’s seal, and the Décor Gallery, consisting of unlimited edition prints, ranges in style from modern to traditional. The homeowner can also provide a digital file of a family photo or other artwork for the canvas.

The artwork is printed on the canvas using the Giclee process, a French term for “fine spray.” The digital process sprays special ink with 512 shades and more than 16 million gradations of color onto a 100-year-old archival canvas.

Concealing television displays with fine art is an elegant solution for both residential and commercial applications. If you are interested in purchasing a unit of your own please contact us so that we can get you started.  Each unit is custom built around a television and therefore the lead time on the custom order is 6-8 weeks.  Please keep this in mind if you are designing with a deadline in mind.  keep this in mind if you are designing with a deadline in mind.  There are different galleries with different price points to chose from, you can.  The system starts at about 4,000.00 and can go up depending on customizable options. 


Contact us for more information




Go Green Commercial


We live on a beautiful island Bermuda!Why wouldn’t you want to keep it clean and beautiful and even reverse some of the damage that has already been done to the environment?We need to together do our part in the plan to GO GREEN.

We can help commercial buildings help the environment by providing them with total building control! Our Crestron systems can deliver complete building management for maximum energy and operational efficiency. This way you ensure your building is only using necessary energy to operate, instead of wasting energy and money on unoccupied rooms and spaces. Only our Crestron system can monitor, manage and control all the technology throughout the entire facility both centrally and globally.

The Crestron system that we are talking about is referred to as: CRESTRON GREEN LIGHT. This technology provides total environmental control to conserve energy and lower costs by combining automated dimming and daylight harvesting with power switching and load shedding. Creston touchpanels, offer a global view and management of all systems and devices building wide from the centralized commander center, IT centre, and/or any touchpanel in the building. Monitor and control HVAC, shades, audio/video distribution and presentation systems throughout the building from the same Crestron touchpanel.




Monitor, manage and control all environmental and AV presentation systems throughout the building. View precise lighting levels, temperature and shade positions in every room graphically and quantitatively from any touchpanel or PC. Monitor and track current and historical energy consumption, and intelligently manage resources.

Control every light, shade, audio/visual source and display device centrally and globally on a single platform. Ethernet connectivity enables LAN or web based system control and management and sends email advisories about pre-determined events such as automatic load shedding due to high levels of energy usage.

Managing energy consumption and realizing real cost savings must extend beyond lighting and thermostats. Significant electrical energy waste results from AV and IT equipment left on when not in use. Integrated within a Crestron control environment, even personal workspace devices such as computers, printers and desk lamps may be programmed to automatically shut-down.

Crestron audio/video distribution systems feature sync-sensing to automatically turn off displays and projectors when no active source is detected. Even Crestron touchpanels go “to sleep”, drawing less power when not in use.


Only Creston RoomView enterprise management software provides robust reporting and single view of ever AV, IT and environmental device throughout the building. Schedule rooms using MS Outlook directly from Crestron touchpanels integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server. When the room is scheduled, thermostats can adjust, and lights and AV equipment can automatically turn “ON” prior to the start of the meeting. If the meeting is rescheduled, or after the participants leave the room, all settings and equipment can return to ‘vacancy’ levels.


Simple one-touch dimming of individual lights and groups of lights puts you in absolute control!

Set the precise lighting scene for maximum productivity and security while saving energy and money. When turning the lights “ON”, pre-set the maximum level to 90%- the only difference you will notice if in your electric bill.

Automation features, such as built in motion detection and occupancy sensors, turn lights on only when a room is in use, and schedule lights to turn off after business hours to reduce light pollution.


You can schedule thermostats to set back the temperature when rooms are not in use such as after hours, weekends and holidays. Control rooms or zones independently so the HVAC system is only cooling those areas that are occupied, NOT THE ENTIRE BUILDING.


We are lucky in Bermuda to have so much sunshine for the greater part of the year, why not daylight harvest? Daylight harvesting uses natural light to illuminate the lobby, hallways, conference rooms and other common areas, using electrical light only when necessary for task or fill lighting.

Schedule shades to rise when a meeting is scheduled and then gently lower to reduce glare when the projector or displays are turned on. Intelligent control manages all environmental systems to achieve maximum energy savings without compromising comfort and convenience. Balance the need for light with climate control. Use direct sunlight in the winter to naturally warm a room; lower shades to reduce solar heat gain in the summer to keep the room comfortable without using excessive air conditioning.


Contact us to receive additional information on:

What RoomView is

What Creston is


Example of Crestron Green Light touchpanel Screen Shot:




Go Green


Precise Systems would like to encourage you to GO GREEN!

It is best for both the environment and you! Help preserve this beautiful island home Bermuda, and in return do your part in helping the globe.


Reasons to GO GREEN:


You will increase the value of your house

There’s a growing buzz among buyers about eco-friendly homes. And what’s not to like: Green homes use sustainable materials that are better for the environment, and have lower utility bills and healthful air. That means you’ll boost your home’s value with big and small eco-friendly projects. So whether you splurge on total home consumption monitoring system or install a lighting control system to control watt usage, you’ll have that much-needed edge with buyers when you sell your home

The savings that you make will add up

The amount of money you will save with simple, little changes can be astonishing. Simply by installing tightly sealed insulation, you could save a wad of cash. By simply programming your automation system to only use 90%max power of lights, and to turn down or off the cooling during the times you are not in the house will save you alot, and you will see it in your BELCO bill.

We live on a beautiful island, let’s keep it that way

Even if you do not have a home automation system yet you can do your part in helping to keep Bermuda and the environment healthy and clean for your generation and then proceeding ones. Trying energy saving light bulbs, turn off on needed lights, don’t run air conditioning in empty spaces. Electricity consumption puts toxins in the air, reduce as much as you can and use sunlight whenever you can.



 Post image for Beautiful Bermuda


What Does Two-Way Mean?




You’ve probably stumbled across the term “two-way communications” when researching universal remote controls, home automation systems, even light dimmers.

What does that mean, and how does it compare to “one-way?”

In home-control speak, two-way refers to feedback.

A two-way remote control, for example, may not only operate the thermostats remotely it would also be able to display (in real time) the thermostat’s settings.

A one-way remote, on the other hand, could control the thermostats, but if you adjust the thermostat from the unit itself, it won’t be reflected on the remote’s display.

Two-way communications becomes especially important in a whole-house control system. You might want to know what the lights are doing in every room of the house. You might want to know what tunes are playing in each zone.

With one-way, you could do ALL OFF or ALL ON or dim the rooms to preset levels. But did the lights really respond to the commands? You may never know.

The biggie with two-way is metadata, most commonly associated with music playlists, artists, cover art, etc.

With one-way solutions, you may very well be able to view and browse through these attributes, but you won’t get the real-time “what’s playing” info delivered to your touchscreen, keypad or handheld remote.”

What it Takes to be Two-Way

For two-way communications to happen, obviously the controlling device (say, a keypad) must have the functionality.

But the device being controlled (say, a dimmer), also must have two-way capabilities.

If you press the OUTDOOR LIGHTS scene on your keypad, and you want to know for sure that the lights were turned on, those lights need to be able to send that information back to the keypad.

One-way isn’t bad, of course. Solutions are often less expensive, and they do just fine with virtually any control or entertainment function.

For richer applications and feedback, though, ask about two-way communications


Crestron RoomView


Have you ever been in a presentation, or worst, delivering a presentation and the boardroom equipment is not working properly due to user error or system faults?  Do you then have to stop the presentation an find the “IT Person” to help you?  Have you scheduled a meeting in the boardroom and then go to present and find that it has been double booked?  Are you part of the IT staff at your company?  If you have answer yes to any of these questions you sound really read on to learn what Roomview is and how it can help you in you workday.

RoomView™ software provides a custom configurable interface to monitor, manage and control every device in every room remotely from any computer.

RoomView automates and streamlines several management and technical support functions so you can work more efficiently and provide the best possible support. Built-in reporting allows you to track resource usage for more effective purchasing, scheduling and resource allocation. Significantly reduce response times for service calls and troubleshoot technical issues. By performing system diagnostics remotely, instructors and presenters can send help requests directly from their touchpanel; technicians can respond with built-in instant messaging, then service and control devices remotely. Tasks that typically take days to complete are reduced to a few mouse clicks.

RoomView is a multi-user resource management program offering facility-wide monitoring, control and reporting of AV resources and environmental systems. RoomView provides an efficient point-and-click interface and a simple “at-a-glance” view of the entire control system network.

Manage and control every room from any PC with RoomView software. Facility managers, media directors and IT specialists have the best of

Featured Highlights: 

  • Web-based cross-platform interface
  • Customizable and user-defined interface
  • Direct database integration with SQL Server
  • Fully integrated with MS Exchange Server for scheduling
  • Networking support including DHCP and SSL
  • Windows Event Log support
  • Device usage and call statistics reports
  • Asset management tools to track and schedule maintenance
  • Enhanced customization of attributes, contacts, logs and reports
  • Advanced plug-in modules for calendars, hot lists, action items, instant messenger and web cameras

Actual RoomView Screen Shots: 







WeatherProof Televisions


Click here for presentation show..

  We are so excited to offer you waterproof, weather proof televisions!  This is such a great leap in technology for tevisions and one of the most useful, especially for residence of Bermuda.  We have such lovely weather, gardens and outdoor living spaces.  We can now enjoy our gardens and seascapes, right along side touchdowns and news casts.  The televisions are also very useful for commercial applications.  Hanging them around and outdoor bar makes for a destination spot, especially during happy hour and sports games.  You can also create revenue by featuring local commercials, or promote your own up and coming events on the displays.






Outdoor televisions are amazing, they certianly excite us!  There are so many options and senarios.  I hope that you enjoyed the galley of application ideas.  Make sure that you view the short presentaion show featuring the product to learn more. Now it is time for you to make your outdoor space into a destination for family, friends and guests!Contact us for more information and details