Expand your Wireless Network Range

It’s a major frustration when you can get a decent wireless signal in one part of your house, and yet experience dead zones in other parts. Most wireless routers aren’t powerful enough to cover an entire house (especially in multi-story dwellings), so some sort of extension of the wireless network is necessary.

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Hide your cable box and still use your remote…

Bulky electronics cluttering your living room – Cable box, stereo amplifier, CD, DVD and Blu-ray Players a dominant part of your home decor? Now it doesn’t have to…We have the answer.
Our remote control repeater kit contains all equipment necessary to forward infrared signals to operate electronic components behind closed doors. In other words, your cable box doesn’t have to be right next to your TV. Give us a call and we can arrange for a technician to install yours.


DIY Integration: Cost Saving Outdoor Lighting

Whether you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, or just trying to reduce your electricity bill, automated outside lighting allows you to take your mind off of managing light switches and allows you to focus on more important things, such as enjoying an outdoor summer evening with a cold beer and friends while de wife is manning the BBQ- Ok, maybe we lost reality for a second. Back to the lighting, which doesn’t have to be expensive if you integrate varies techniques and systems.  If you are one of our lighting control customers, you know that we can instantly transform you into a “cool guy” that can control lights from your iPhone, touchpanel, and other smart devices; but this is not what this article is about… you know what we can do!  We want you to know how you can build on the great systems we give you to further automate your lighting. Want some ideas; great because we are full of them:

LED Lighting– how about switching out some of your existing lighting with LED options. We can control those just like the standard lights, no fixture is too fancy for us. LED lights draw a lot less, the more you switch out the lower your electricity bill will be. Don’t forget about Fluorescent alternatives as well, although the LED lights may be better on the environment when disposing them.

Solar Lights– These are great! You can stake them into the ground and forget about them. Although, we haven’t come across any that light up a field, they do work nicely to help guide a pathway through the garden or along the drive way. The added touch of pathway illumination creates a lot of visual appeal, that doesn’t translate to visual distress when your electricity bill arrives. Best of all, solar lights integrate with our lighting control systems seamlessly! So seamlessly in fact that we encourage you to install them yourself. TIP: You don’t have to buy the Rolls Royce of solar pathway lights, but skimping and buying the cheapest you can find may leave you with only one season’s use.

Fire pits! Create a focal point when entertaining by introducing a fire pit into your outdoor seating arrangement; it greats just the right level of illumination for late night gatherings with friends without drawing in the bugs or making the meter spin faster. Make sure that you keep little people clear and practice fire safety when using your fire pit and in choosing the location to fire it up.



What is 4K TV?

4K TV is the next generation in the in HD television technology. 4K is also termed ultra-high definition (‘UHD’), but the former is usually used when describing it. To start a little history of what we have had before, since HD has been around for about a decade now. I the beginning, as far as home entertainment went, we had Standard Definition, which was about 480p/540p (ouch I know!), then came High Definition (720p); and until recently we all topped out at Full High Definition (1080p). Now we have Ultra High Definition which is counting in at a whooping 2160p!

Why is it called 4K? It’s a bit of mathematics; 4K means that the maximum resolution of the TV is 3,840 pixels wide and 2,160 pixels high; meaning it is equivalent to two full high definition screens (1080p) in height, and two in length. Originally this technology was referred to as a “QuadHD” because of the doubling in length and width; but it eventually got a catchier name of 4K.

Do I want it?  The jump from standard definition to high definition toted a large payoff for home consumers. The difference was very clear across a large range of television screen sizes. Many people can’t go back to watching much more than the 7pm news on standard definition these days. With 4K, besides the lack of consumer content to watch at this time, the screen size plays a large part in if you actually get some benefit out of this technology in your own home. The bigger the screen, the larger the payoff, anything over 60′ and scaling up is where you will see the most bang for your buck in adopting 4K over full high definition.

How can Precise help? As Crestron dealers on the island, we have all the resources to help you get your system up to 4K! Crestron is a leader in the industry, and are currently rolling out systems to handle this new technology while others are scrambling to keep up.

Here is an exert from Tom Barnett, Creston’s Marketing Director, on their DigitalMedia brand that supports 4K:

“DigitalMedia is more than ‘4k ready’; it’s 4K already,” said Tom Barnett, Marketing Director. ”In fact, DM was built to handle 4K since our very first 8X8 switcher. While others are ‘getting ready,’ we’re shipping a complete 4K solution today. Now, your customers can distribute 4K and other resolutions, such as 2560×1440 output from Apple® laptops, that require more signal bandwidth than switchers designed for 1080p and 2K distribution can provide.”

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Grilling Gadgets for Backyard BBQs

It’s revving up to that time of year again when outdoor parties start filling up your calendar; and if you are usually the token guy manning the BBQ in the corner while everyone else lounges, this article is for you! Since we love “techy” things we decided to look for some cool finds for your seasonal 2nd job, just to help make things more interesting and fun.

1. LooftLighter

Do you love to BBQ on the old charcoal grill with coals, wood or perhaps heat beads, but hate getting stuck trying to get it lit or worry about the chemicals in the lighting fluids you use? This little tool claims to have you going in 60 seconds without any use of chemicals, and has you grilling in minutes!

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2. BBQ Grill Light & Fan

Who said LED lights only had to be for the path lighting; this super cool universal fit fixture claims to project a nice crisp light on your grill while also blowing the heat off of your face!  With this neat little fixture you can finally stop over cooking the burgers because you can’t see if they are done or not.

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3. iGrill mini

Want a colour coded app to help you grill your meat to perfection, while allowing you to take a few steps away from the BBQ to catch up with friends, or to replenish your beverage, well this may be a device for you. It looks super trendy and a definite conversation starter! Who knows it may actually attract people over to the BBQ with you.

Amazon Link:

4. Recipe App: Epicourious

While not specifically a dedicated to grilling, this app has a dedicated grilling section that has almost 1,000 receipes for you to try out!  Its Free, available on iphones, android devices, Kindles, Windows phones and nooks.  Beware, with these delicious available in your pocket on the go, you may be finding yourself more inspired to be behind the grill this summer.


Spring Feature: Outdoor Speakers

If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining or just love working in the yard, it is time to start thinking about preparing your outdoor space. Nothing wrecks the mood like an old boom box or speakers blaring out of a window. Keep your outdoor landscaping looking beautiful and technology free with high performance audio speakers that blend right in. All-weather speakers are designed specifically for the acoustic conditions of the outside world, such as the lack of walls, ceiling, and floors to reflect sound, and will perform a whole lot better.

Terra Loudspeakers has the perfect companion for any outdoor party: LuminSound™ LS.32. The LuminSound concept is simple; offer excellent all weather outdoor sound reproduction, and flexible, attractive, efficient lighting all within a single, practical unit.

The LuminSound is 32.5-inch high, weatherproof bollard with an aluminum grille that is available in black, aluminum, or copper color. The LuminSound includes a 3-LED warm white lamp that provides 270 lumens for high efficiency illumination, and the speaker section can be rotated independently of the lighting section.


Placement of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Landscaping lighting helps extend your lighting to the yard and lets you enjoy the outside for as long as you want. Landscape lighting also provides exterior home security, comfort, and visual aid for your back and front yard.

One of the keys to an outdoor extension of your home is the right lighting.

While outdoor landscape lighting can be placed virtually anywhere, some spots make it an absolute must. Those include:

Paths: A well-lit path is both welcoming and required, providing illumination that extends hospitality to visitors and makes walking more secure. High illumination isn’t necessary, and downlights will prevent glare. Individually lit pavers can also be used to light a pathway.

Entries: Place lights either to each side of a door or overhead at front, back, and side entry doors.

Driveway: Low-voltage lights are a good option along a driveway.

Steps: Steps should be lighted for safety; either the risers or the treads can be lit.

Decks or Patios: Lighting can be used to illuminate specific task areas on a deck or patio, such as a kitchen or cooking spot, as well as railings and seating areas. Uplighting, which is harder to accomplish outside, can be used on a deck or patio to send light upward on an umbrella or deck “ceiling” for an indirect effect.

Gazebos, Pergolas, or Trellises: Lighting is a good way to highlight an interesting built element in the outdoor landscape.

Architectural Features: Outdoor landscape lighting can be used to highlight a wall, for example, by washing it or grazing it. When a wide beam of light is aimed at a wall from a few feet away, it creates a wall wash. A light used to graze a wall creates interesting highlights and shadows. Both will provide a little accent to nearby plants.

Do you have a terrace, back garden or pool area that you like to entertain in on the summer nights? We’ll create a custom scene for it! With one button you can turn on your overhead lights, garden lights, fountain lights (any light that you want in that party area. You can also have the path lights that go to the party area turned on, and all others go off. We offer a full line of home lighting control systems, that can stand-alone or be integrated into a complete home automation system. You can master the lighting of your home, with simple keypads installed in select rooms, or even remotely via a secure Internet connection.


Crestron is Launching a new Design Shown Room in the Decoration & Design Building in NYC!

Coming soon: Crestron is creating a building that showcases the marriage of  interior design and electronics working harmoniously to create beautiful spaces.  This is a great building for interior designers and clients to visit who are taking on a project that involves the integration of control systems and A/V systems into a living environment.  It introduces you to not only the newest technology from Crestron, but also shows you that electronics can add to your design, not take away from it.

Have a look at some of the beautiful gallery designs so far, and let us know if you are interested in seeing this gallery up close when the construction is over.

WOW That is a lot of Crestron!


“Tough” Portable iPod Dock

Yamaha has launched the Yamaha’s PDX-11 Portable iPod Dock, a rough and tough looking ipod dock just in time for your Christmas wish list! It is definitely not a posh, delicate looking dock, but still I would not kick it around or drop it overboard!

It seems perfect for outdoor adventures and out of the house gatherings.  It only takes 6 AA batteries that should give you about 8 hours or portable power…. long enough for a picnic on in the park with friends, or a  bonfire gathering on the beach.

The dock can be connected to an iPhone, iPod or your computer.  It is available in white, dark blue, green and black for about 99.99 USD which is selling like crazy! So get on the wait list for it now if you want it for Christmas.


What does this all mean? Multi Window + Multi Source viewing on one display!

The DVPHD is the world’s only multi-window digital video processor, with native touchpanel control and annotation, that supports high-definition video and computer signals from multiple sources of virtually any type. Industry-leading support for HDCP ensures seamless compatibility-today and tomorrow-with content-protected DVD, Blu-ray Disc™, digital HDTV, and multimedia computer sources.

What does this all mean? Multi Window + Multi Source viewing on one display!

Multi window displays are great for residential, business, hospitality and educational applications.  With this technology you can have up to 8 sources simultaneously on the screen together.

If you are using this technology for presentations and teaching you can also include the HD Annotation programme that allows you to virtually draw on the screen so that you can better illustrate your presentation:

HD Annotation: The DVPHD-GB provides the essential annotation tools to make your point with maximum impact – easily and intuitively. Brush sizes and colors are selectable on the fly for ultimate clarity. Moving images can be frozen on screen to allow pinpoint annotation over a still picture. You can even annotate over two or more different sources at once for easy side-by-side comparison of multiple related images. High-definition annotation processing guarantees both the presenter and the audience sees everything in crisp detail.

If you think that is cool how about this: Crestron allow you to include your audience into your presentation by allowing multiple touchscreens to connect to your display with Interactive Annotation.

Interactive Annotation: Crestron exclusive Remote Annotation capability lets up to 90 individual touchpanel users “mass annotate” over the same image, supporting efficient and effective interaction between participants in a classroom, courtroom, council chamber, business presentation etc.

Imagine the possibilities: For example in a Video Conference  incorporate other applications like Go To Meeting and you can split your display screen with your computer, their computer, your room view and theirs!  Meeting participants can have individual touchscreens at their finger tips and they can quickly and accurately illustrate their points and questions across both sources!

This technology is awesome and can become a great asset to businesses, residences and hospitality applications.