Outdoor Phone Apps

Welcome to the summer in Bermuda, again! It’s time to get outside again and enjoy the long summer nights and hot (sometimes scorching) summer days.  Most will say ‘Don’t forget your sunscreen’, but we tech lovers also say ‘don’t forget your apps!’

Star gazing lately? Sky Guide ( ) is a great app to discover alone, or share with your family. Switch off the TV and gaze into your iPad while learning the constellations and viewing them in the sky. It makes for a great sleep over party trick, and sure beats the old glow in the dark stick on stars that used to litter the ceilings of kids rooms.

Bermuda Radar App:  ( Time the summer showers perfectly with this great Bermuda app!  No more getting stuck in a rain shower that seemed to come out of no-where.

Nike Plus App: ( ) Get out there, and get active with this cool tech app!  Its been around almost as long as the iPhone, and it is also available for the android team. It’s a fantastic app to help you track your progress and set our goals, while using this beautiful island as a training ground. Tried and tested, it really works great!

FlashLight Apps: These are extremely handy especially for finding your way back through the paths after a beach party, or navigating back to your car after spending the evening at your friend’s outdoor garden party. There are so many options out there, if you haven’t found one yet, this may be a good time to find the ‘install’ button on your phone and get one- you will thank us later.

The Red Cross First Aid App: Will you be spending the summer out on the boat, riding your bikes, camping, running around outside, jumping off of the various docks, and more? A first aid app isn’t a bad idea to keep on hand with you; as well as keeping a first aid kit in the car, boat or summer back pack.  Bumps, scrapes and other accidents can happen at any time, just not in the summer, but the season change is a good check in to make sure you are prepared.


Apps that help in the Kitchen

The number of available food- and cooking-related apps is always growing, and we’re glad that it is. Here are a few of our favourite apps for your iPad, to help with everything from elaborate wine pairing to quick and easy meals.

Cookulator: Cooking Unit Converter

One-step, utensil-based cooking unit conversion enables you to convert between measuring units such as volume, weight and temperature. Cookulater also converts measurement variances between the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Wine Genius

Wine Genius simplifies wine and food pairings both at home and at your favorite restaurants, plus suggests serving temperatures. Wine history includes interesting facts about your favorite vintages, transforming you into an at-home sommelier.

Big Oven

BigOven has more than 170k unique recipes. Take your recipes, grocery list and menus with you anywhere. Search, edit and resize recipes easily. See your friends’ recipes & share yours. You can even plan and reuse menus on a calendar.

Food Planner (Also available for Android)

A great meal-planning tool for families, Food Planner lets you keep track of individualized dietary requirements as well as menus, shopping lists and recipes, plus it syncs between multiple devices. Countless recipes can be imported from numerous websites and your own favorites can be stored for future reference. Food Planner is an easy-to-use tool that lets you search for recipes by keywords and ingredients.

Grocery Gadget (Also available for Android)

A great on-the-go app, Grocery Gadget saves you time and money by organizing your food shopping list into categories. Arrange your list to match your pantry, refrigerator and cupboard. Automatic synchronization lets you share your list with friends and family as well as store weekly lists for all of the stores you frequent. Color pricing helps you compare prices on items found in different stores. Easy to use and kid friendly, Shopping List gets you out of the store and into the kitchen faster.


Hurricane Tracker Apps for Apple

It is hurricane season so make sure that you visit Gorhams or Masters  to replenish any supplies you may need.  While you are stocking don’t forget to go to iTunes and get a Hurricane tracking App!  Yes there is an app for everything….

One app that comes highly recommended by reviews is the Hurricane Tracker App by EZ Apps, Inc for $2.99.  It comes with tracking maps, information from the NHC, threat level maps, forecaster audio/ video updates, real time feeds, detailed push alerts, storm advisories and much much more!  It is available for iPhone/ iTouch and iPad.

Other Hurricane Apps for Apple:

Hurricane HD by Kitty Code 3.99

Coming Soon: Stormpulse for ipad


Back to School Apple Apps

As we move through August we get closer and closer to students going back to school, and the morning traffic increasing again.  As parents stock up on school supplies, buying new uniforms, shoes, binders, pens, etc; we have decided to throw more into your check list: APPS!   Apple iPhones and iPads already come with a slew of useful apps for students, teachers and parents to help such as –voice memos, calendar, emails, memos, etc.  But with the growing number of Apps in the Apple store why not add some more?

Here are a few that we think you should add to your Back-To-School shopping list:

1: Google Mobile App

Get the most advanced Google search experience for your iPhone, now with Google Goggles, Voice Search and My Location.  Great for researching on the go – all you have to do is talk into it and let the app work for you. Google mobile app also gives you access to all of your other Google accounts including Gmail and Google Calendar.

2. Stanza

Back-to-School means Back-to-Book Reports! Reading is an essential part of education, but it is 2011 so let’s make it interesting.  Forget the moldy books in the library and try Stanza.  Stanza brings digital books to your iPad or iphone.  It has boasted 4million downloads worldwide with over 50,000 contemporary titles to chose from + an additional 50,000 FREE classics (the school type books).

3. Wordbook English Dictionary and Thesaurus, 1.99

Spelling Tests, essays, English Language class, creative writing all require a good dictionary at some point.  So long the days of carrying around a pocket dictionary – let’s face it: they are cumbersome and heavy! Try the Workbook English Dictionary and Thesaurus out, it has more than 150,000 entries, weblinks, spoken pronunciations and a few more cool tools

4. myHomework

My Homework app has got to be the coolest homework diary.  It helps students, and teachers, stay on top of all the many due dates, schedules, meetings and activities that come with being a student.  A great free app to help you keep organized!

5. The Chemical Touch

Studying sciene? Why not make it a bit fun.  This app has an interactive periodic table that has lots of information about the different elements, the standard amino acids, and much more.  It may become super handy during a Chemistry assignment.

6. World Atlas HD 1.99

A Great handy app for geography class. This app is a beautiful interactive atlas that lets you surf the world with your finger tips.  In an instant you can pull up a countries stats like, population, capital, language spoken, flag, majority religion, square miles, political situation and more.

7. iFormulas

Instead of wasting time flipping through your notebooks looking for formulas for common integrals download iFormulas and have them all handy at your finger tips!  This App has formulas for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics and More!  It is a free app and worth a try.

Your Shopping is not complete without thinking about a cool binder mount for your iPad….check out this one we found on …just a suggestion.


Top News Apps for iPad

Pulse News for iPad
At the top of the list is Pulse, one of the highest rated news apps found in the App Store. At the incredibly low price of free, you get a truly one of a kind app (that is a member of the App Hall of Fame). Its features include: offline syncing (allows you to view your favorite news stories without an internet connection present), multiple news platforms (allowing you to view whatever you want in a clean, condensed format), easy sharing options, and more. If you’re a news junkie or an avid blog reader, you won’t want to miss this app.

BBC News
Offering news from around the world (not just the U.K.), BBC’s iPad app is incredible. With a user-friendly menu option with easy viewing of clean-cut articles (and there are also video reports as well), BBC definitely comes near the top of the list. It is a highly informative news source for any current events happening worldwide, and again, this one is free too.

USA Today
Another app with high reviews would be USA Today. With all the news, ranging from tech, markets, international, politics, life, economies, and even travel, USA Today’s free iPad app is a comprehensive news source for anyone looking to keep up on the latest events. It also offers a saving option for simple offline viewing, making news more portable than its ever been.

Newsy’s number one objective is convenience. Instead of giving people long-winded reports of minor happenings, Newsy offers quick, yet highly informative video clips to keep you updated without wasting your time. It’s one of a kind in that it gathers information from several sources across many mediums and boils it down into one short clip of only the relevant information. You can build your own playlist of your favorite videos from the dozens of categories Newsy offers in this free app, making it an invaluable resource to anyone interested in the news but with limited time.

News Pro
Saving the best for last, Reuter’s News Pro app offers more information than nearly any other news app out there. It has extremely high ratings among iPad users, and it is a user-friendly resource for getting the news (whether it be written, audio, or video reports). This too, offers the offline viewing option. The price? Like it’s fellow news apps above: free.

Whether you’re casually interested in keeping up with the news or a hardcore current events junkie, these are quite possibly the most valuable apps you can download to your iPad. And when none of them will cost you a penny, what reason is there to say no?


Coming to App World: Offical Facebook App for iPad

More than a year has passed since the original iPad was released, and there is still no official Facebook app optimized specifically for the iPad. While many users choose the option of using the enlarged Facebook app made for iPhone users or downloading one of the many third party Facebook apps available, presumably nothing beats having the official Facebook app that’s specifically formatted for iPad users.

Luckily, it appears that the wait is coming to an end, as Facebook insiders recently said that the official iPad app is set to release some time in the coming weeks. It has been in the designing, developing, and testing stages for several months, with reports saying that even the company chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg on board with the intricate detailing process.

It will be a free application, which will have many Facebook users – some of whom have been paying $0.99 for ad-free third party Facebook apps. The move is expected to boost Facebook usage, which has been reported as slowing down in recent months.

While most of the details have been carefully kept under the wraps, it has been said that it will be similar to the iPhone Facebook app, but with unique formatting and more advanced chatting options for iPad users.  iPad 2 users  should be able to take, upload and tag high resolution pictures and videos right off of their devices.


Great FREE iPad Travel App

Tripit (Free)
When traveling, it is easy to get frazzled with the amount of travel information you must keep straight. This app helps to keep information organized no matter where you booked your travel plans. Although there is a paid version for $3.99, the only difference is the free version does include advertisements. Easily keep all your confirmation numbers, times, and flight numbers in one place. Also include activity information and times so you don’t miss out on all the important events you want to see during your trip. Once your trip is set up in the app, email it to family or anyone who might need to get in touch with you during your vacation. All of this reduces the need for pesky paperwork.  To roam in non Wi Fi areas you will need the 3G roaming data for this app, which may result in quite a pricey data bill at the end of the vacation.  Most airports and hotel rooms do have aireless internet that you can access, although sometimes at a fee.  Seems like a cool app and it is free so it is worth a try.


Apple Launches iCloud


After quite a few web rumblings, Apple officially announced iCloud. Apple CEO Steve Jobs just unveiled the free cloud-based service at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Calif.

The service is designed to store all of your digital goodies, then wirelessly push the content to devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, as well as a Mac or PC. It can also sync those devices, meaning when something changes on one device, all compatible devices will get the message almost instantly.

“Today it is a real hassle and very frustrating to keep all your information and content up-to-date across all your devices,” Jobs said. “iCloud keeps your important information and content up to date across all your devices. All of this happens automatically and wirelessly, and because it’s integrated into our apps you don’t even need to think about it—it all just works.”

Additional iCloud services include MobileMe Contacts, Calendar and Mail, the App Store and iBookstore, iCloud Backup and Storage, and a photo stream service. iCloud includes 5GB of free cloud storage for Mail, Document Storage and Backup. However, purchased music, apps, books and the Photo Stream service do not count against the storage limit

Of course, iCloud can also keep track of iTunes purchases. If you want to add music not bought through the service, the newly announced iTunes Match promises to replace your music with 256 kbps AAC DRM-free files, if they can match the tracks in the iTunes store. The iTunes Match service isn’t free, however. Apple plans to launch it this fall, with an annual $24.99 service fee. A free beta version of iTunes in the Cloud is now available without iTunes Match, and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users running iOS 4.3. The company will launch it with support for all iPhones that iOS 5 supports this fall.

Both the iCloud beta and Cloud Storage APIs are available immediately to iOS and Mac Developer Program members at For the rest of us, iCloud will launch this fall with iOS 5.


Weatherproof your iPad

Do you want to take your ipad to the beach, on the boat or to a pool party?  Are you afraid to take it because it may become the casualty of the day?  Trendy Digital has a solution for you, they have created a waterproof case for our ipad and it is only 19.99.  It is a bit more than the ZipLoc bag trick — but it may be a bit more secure too.  Have a look on at Trendy Digitals ipad product.  They also have more weatherproof products available for Kindle an nook users


Zinio Magazine App

One of my favorite Apple Apps for iPad is the Zinio Magazine App.  It is free to download and it enables you to receive Magazines from all over the world on your iPad.  You can get magazine subscriptions for prices like 12.99 for the year! That is about the price of one magazine on the local news stands.  Plus you can access your account on your PC as well, so you don’t have to actually have an iPad to take advantage of this great service.  I have been using the Zinio App for about 4 months now and it is very stable and it has no problem with international credit cards. With this on your iPad you carry a stack of digital magazines around with you without being weighed down, which makes it great for travel.

 Besides automatic delivery of magazines, dirt cheap pricing of subscriptions, access to magazines around the world, and compact light digital storage; one of the best things about the App is you are not wasting paper by throwing out stacks of magazines every year, and you are reducing the carbon foot print because no jet fuel or diesel fuel has been used in your magazine’s delivery.   

Ashley Roberts | Precise Systems