iPad Apps that help at Work


We have been looking into ways to use our iPad’s to help us with work tasks, the use of the iPad has enabled us to transport client files and easily access remote servers while on jobsites, present control systems demos to clients, and more.  The iPad tablet has changed to way work can be done making it more efficient and fun to conduct meetings.  Occasionally, like any iPad owner, we review the HOT  LIST of Apps from different publications to see what new tools we can play with – for work purposes of course.  Below are a list of fun  work related apps that can help you in your day to day business operations.

  Air Sharing HD ($9.99): You can’t get work done if you don’t have your files. Air Sharing HD lets you wirelessly mount your iPad and load all your documents.

 Air Sketch ($4.99): Sometimes you need a picture to communicate your ideas. This digital sketchpad lets you record and share your concepts.

Dragon Dictation (Free): Some people will never warm up to typing on a virtual keyboard. Luckily, this excellent voice recognition app is free.

 iTeleprompter 2.0 ($4.99): If you’re shooting video, getting a teleprompter used to be an expensive proposition. Now you can have a customizable, fully-featured one right on your iPad.

Meeting Mate ($2.99): Keep track of your meetings and run them from one app. It lets you keep notes for each meeting and e-mail your notes.

 Time Master + Billing ($9.99): Do you charge by the hour? Get this app, which keeps track of your times and creates professional invoices.

The Awesome Currency Calculator allows you to convert between 160 world currencies, and you can view your native currency and multiple foreign ones at the same time. The rates are constantly updated, and you can calculate tax and keep track of previous calculations.

 iBrainstorm (free):A great and geeky way to interact with your colleagues is to use your iPad as an idea pad, with iBrainstorm. Using an iPhone companion app (free), team members can flick their notes straight onto the iPad screen (via seamless Bluetooth connection)

Chimpadeedoo (free): Next time you go to a conference or networking event, bring Chimpadeedoo. A kiosk-style app tied to the popular MailChimp e-mail marketing service, it allows you to gather e-mail addresses via an elegant interface on your iPad. You can customize the background and the text, and you can turn the iPad into a sign-up stand thanks to the screen-lock feature.

iTranslate (free) If you frequently travel to foreign countries for your job, then you know how handy a pocket dictionary can be. Sporting a simple yet beautiful interface,  can translate words and phrases into more than 50 languages. The translation is instant (as you type), and the app can even help you with pronunciation through 11 (slightly robotic-sounding) text-to-speech voices for popular languages.


Monster Free Apps


We all love FREE, and we wanted to give you the 411 on a new service that brings you free Apps:

We’re all very familiar with Monster Cable. They have the A/V empire that includes cables, headphones, 3D glasses, power products, cleaners, and much more. However, it seems that there is another Monster making quite an uproar. This one is Monster Mobile.

In March the Monster Cable company announced the launch of Monster Free Apps, a brand new iPhone app. The idea is to have the one app comb through thousands upon thousands of other apps out there, to find you a few freebies.

If you’re familiar with the App Store, most likely you know that there are thousands of free apps out there. This app doesn’t just generate one giant list. Instead, it sends you daily push notifications of apps that have just become free or are free for a limited time. See the difference?

According to Monster Mobile, paid apps go on sale for free every day. Once you get a peek at what’s on sale, you have the option to download it for free, courtesy of Monster Free Apps, before the price goes back to normal.

This may be a great way to get games and other fun apps on your iPad, iPhone or iTouch and save you some money!


Fun iPad Accessories

The iPad has been another Apple hit! With all the apps it has become a greta tool for both work and play.  But the iPad (1 & 2) doesnt just stop at cool apps, how about the cool accessories that you can purchase for it?

Here are a few fun ones we have found..

Apple Digital AV Adapter:

It isnt pretty, but it is a cool tool and useful.  It allows users to output iPad 2 content up to 1080p to any HDMI-compatible display. Share that portable’s wealth of photos, video, music, apps, and everything else you can imagine.

Price: Approx $39 USD

From: Apple Store US , generic versions may be available


Soundfreaq Sound Platform

Audio docks are nothing new to Apple fans. What makes this one so nice is that the iPad doesn’t actually have to be anywhere near it. The Soundfreaq Sound Platform uses Bluetooth to stream audio from the iPad 2, all while you are enjoying email, Facebook, apps, and other iPad features. 
Price: $199.99 USD
For More Info:

Griffin PowerDock Dual

It’s hard to keep your many portables powered up, even when around the house. Instead of playing favorites, this dock can juice up an iPad and the iPhone simultaneously. While it’s powering up both portables, the dock also delivers an unobstructed view, so you can use either device during that charging time. Giffin is a known name in the Apple accessory world and they have many other cool tools for your apple needs.

Price: $59.99 USD
For More Info:
Griffin Technology


ZAGGmate with Keyboard for iPad 2

Having an iPad case is crucial. However, this patent pending design throws in a nice little curveball. It actually combines the case with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard. So while the case is protecting your screen, the keyboard keeps your screen free from fingers. No swiping or smudges; it’s just an easy way to control devices, surf through apps, and send out email.  The case is available for pre order.

Price: $99.99
For More Info:

Speck iGuy

It is cute, fun, and he’s also a freestanding case for the iPad 2. The iGuy makes the iPad 2 more kid-friendly, but also protects that pricey portable from those wee, sticky fingers. Speck says that the iGuy isn’t ready to make his big debut just yet, but he is available for preorder in green, blue and yellow.

Price: $39.95
For More Info:
Speck Products

 Precise Systems does not represent any of the vendors featured here, nor do we sell the products, we just think that they are cool.  Have fun and explore what other fun accessories are available for iPad devices