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How to Improve Your Home Network Performance

Precise Systems Partners with Top Brands to Boost the System in Your Bermuda Home.

Creating a connected home that brings all your subsystems together is all about convenience. But there’s nothing convenient about a system that lags behind or faces constant interruptions, that’s why it is important to have a strong home networking system as the backbone of home automation.

Working with top brands Pakedge and Ihiji, Precise designs networks built for speed, expansion and, overall, convenience. Here are some of the ways our expert integrators create a foundation to meet your technology needs now and in the future. Read more


3 Ways to Optimize Home Lighting Automation with Precise Systems

Get the most out of your Bermuda home with Crestron lighting solutions

While media rooms and security may be the flashier aspects of home automation, neither is as important to your day-to-day living as home lighting automation. Think of the first thing you do every time you enter a room. You likely turn on a light or close the shades depending on what you’re doing.

In a traditional household, no other tool in your home is used as often as a light switch. Crestron’s lighting solutions can save you time simply by centralizing all those switches into one interface on a smart device like a phone or tablet. Features like custom scenes, motions sensors and motorized shades can help you further optimize lighting automation while capitalizing on the dreamy Bermuda sunlight.

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Transform Your Life with Smart Home Automation by Crestron

Precise Systems Has Integration Solutions for Your Bermuda Home

One of the smartest investments you can make in your Bermuda residence or summer house is to upgrade it with home automation. Whether you are looking to increase the value of your property, enjoy endless entertainment, increase your security or just feel more comfortable, smart automation is simple, unobtrusive and easy to use. Crestron, a leader in home automation services, can provide your house with convenient controls for the temperature, lighting, shading, audio and video for every room of your house – including your outdoor spaces. Read on to find out how integrating smart technology into your home can enhance your lifestyle.

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Expand your Wireless Network Range

It’s a major frustration when you can get a decent wireless signal in one part of your house, and yet experience dead zones in other parts. Most wireless routers aren’t powerful enough to cover an entire house (especially in multi-story dwellings), so some sort of extension of the wireless network is necessary.

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