Have you ever been in a presentation, or worst, delivering a presentation and the boardroom equipment is not working properly due to user error or system faults?  Do you then have to stop the presentation an find the “IT Person” to help you?  Have you scheduled a meeting in the boardroom and then go to present and find that it has been double booked?  Are you part of the IT staff at your company?  If you have answer yes to any of these questions you sound really read on to learn what Roomview is and how it can help you in you workday.

RoomView™ software provides a custom configurable interface to monitor, manage and control every device in every room remotely from any computer.

RoomView automates and streamlines several management and technical support functions so you can work more efficiently and provide the best possible support. Built-in reporting allows you to track resource usage for more effective purchasing, scheduling and resource allocation. Significantly reduce response times for service calls and troubleshoot technical issues. By performing system diagnostics remotely, instructors and presenters can send help requests directly from their touchpanel; technicians can respond with built-in instant messaging, then service and control devices remotely. Tasks that typically take days to complete are reduced to a few mouse clicks.

RoomView is a multi-user resource management program offering facility-wide monitoring, control and reporting of AV resources and environmental systems. RoomView provides an efficient point-and-click interface and a simple “at-a-glance” view of the entire control system network.

Manage and control every room from any PC with RoomView software. Facility managers, media directors and IT specialists have the best of

Featured Highlights: 

  • Web-based cross-platform interface
  • Customizable and user-defined interface
  • Direct database integration with SQL Server
  • Fully integrated with MS Exchange Server for scheduling
  • Networking support including DHCP and SSL
  • Windows Event Log support
  • Device usage and call statistics reports
  • Asset management tools to track and schedule maintenance
  • Enhanced customization of attributes, contacts, logs and reports
  • Advanced plug-in modules for calendars, hot lists, action items, instant messenger and web cameras

Actual RoomView Screen Shots: 






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