DIY Integration: Cost Saving Outdoor Lighting

Whether you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, or just trying to reduce your electricity bill, automated outside lighting allows you to take your mind off of managing light switches and allows you to focus on more important things, such as enjoying an outdoor summer evening with a cold beer and friends while de wife is manning the BBQ- Ok, maybe we lost reality for a second. Back to the lighting, which doesn’t have to be expensive if you integrate varies techniques and systems.  If you are one of our lighting control customers, you know that we can instantly transform you into a “cool guy” that can control lights from your iPhone, touchpanel, and other smart devices; but this is not what this article is about… you know what we can do!  We want you to know how you can build on the great systems we give you to further automate your lighting. Want some ideas; great because we are full of them:

LED Lighting– how about switching out some of your existing lighting with LED options. We can control those just like the standard lights, no fixture is too fancy for us. LED lights draw a lot less, the more you switch out the lower your electricity bill will be. Don’t forget about Fluorescent alternatives as well, although the LED lights may be better on the environment when disposing them.

Solar Lights– These are great! You can stake them into the ground and forget about them. Although, we haven’t come across any that light up a field, they do work nicely to help guide a pathway through the garden or along the drive way. The added touch of pathway illumination creates a lot of visual appeal, that doesn’t translate to visual distress when your electricity bill arrives. Best of all, solar lights integrate with our lighting control systems seamlessly! So seamlessly in fact that we encourage you to install them yourself. TIP: You don’t have to buy the Rolls Royce of solar pathway lights, but skimping and buying the cheapest you can find may leave you with only one season’s use.

Fire pits! Create a focal point when entertaining by introducing a fire pit into your outdoor seating arrangement; it greats just the right level of illumination for late night gatherings with friends without drawing in the bugs or making the meter spin faster. Make sure that you keep little people clear and practice fire safety when using your fire pit and in choosing the location to fire it up.


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