We live on a beautiful island Bermuda!Why wouldn’t you want to keep it clean and beautiful and even reverse some of the damage that has already been done to the environment?We need to together do our part in the plan to GO GREEN.

We can help commercial buildings help the environment by providing them with total building control! Our Crestron systems can deliver complete building management for maximum energy and operational efficiency. This way you ensure your building is only using necessary energy to operate, instead of wasting energy and money on unoccupied rooms and spaces. Only our Crestron system can monitor, manage and control all the technology throughout the entire facility both centrally and globally.

The Crestron system that we are talking about is referred to as: CRESTRON GREEN LIGHT. This technology provides total environmental control to conserve energy and lower costs by combining automated dimming and daylight harvesting with power switching and load shedding. Creston touchpanels, offer a global view and management of all systems and devices building wide from the centralized commander center, IT centre, and/or any touchpanel in the building. Monitor and control HVAC, shades, audio/video distribution and presentation systems throughout the building from the same Crestron touchpanel.




Monitor, manage and control all environmental and AV presentation systems throughout the building. View precise lighting levels, temperature and shade positions in every room graphically and quantitatively from any touchpanel or PC. Monitor and track current and historical energy consumption, and intelligently manage resources.

Control every light, shade, audio/visual source and display device centrally and globally on a single platform. Ethernet connectivity enables LAN or web based system control and management and sends email advisories about pre-determined events such as automatic load shedding due to high levels of energy usage.

Managing energy consumption and realizing real cost savings must extend beyond lighting and thermostats. Significant electrical energy waste results from AV and IT equipment left on when not in use. Integrated within a Crestron control environment, even personal workspace devices such as computers, printers and desk lamps may be programmed to automatically shut-down.

Crestron audio/video distribution systems feature sync-sensing to automatically turn off displays and projectors when no active source is detected. Even Crestron touchpanels go “to sleep”, drawing less power when not in use.


Only Creston RoomView enterprise management software provides robust reporting and single view of ever AV, IT and environmental device throughout the building. Schedule rooms using MS Outlook directly from Crestron touchpanels integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server. When the room is scheduled, thermostats can adjust, and lights and AV equipment can automatically turn “ON” prior to the start of the meeting. If the meeting is rescheduled, or after the participants leave the room, all settings and equipment can return to ‘vacancy’ levels.


Simple one-touch dimming of individual lights and groups of lights puts you in absolute control!

Set the precise lighting scene for maximum productivity and security while saving energy and money. When turning the lights “ON”, pre-set the maximum level to 90%- the only difference you will notice if in your electric bill.

Automation features, such as built in motion detection and occupancy sensors, turn lights on only when a room is in use, and schedule lights to turn off after business hours to reduce light pollution.


You can schedule thermostats to set back the temperature when rooms are not in use such as after hours, weekends and holidays. Control rooms or zones independently so the HVAC system is only cooling those areas that are occupied, NOT THE ENTIRE BUILDING.


We are lucky in Bermuda to have so much sunshine for the greater part of the year, why not daylight harvest? Daylight harvesting uses natural light to illuminate the lobby, hallways, conference rooms and other common areas, using electrical light only when necessary for task or fill lighting.

Schedule shades to rise when a meeting is scheduled and then gently lower to reduce glare when the projector or displays are turned on. Intelligent control manages all environmental systems to achieve maximum energy savings without compromising comfort and convenience. Balance the need for light with climate control. Use direct sunlight in the winter to naturally warm a room; lower shades to reduce solar heat gain in the summer to keep the room comfortable without using excessive air conditioning.


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