Tripit (Free)
When traveling, it is easy to get frazzled with the amount of travel information you must keep straight. This app helps to keep information organized no matter where you booked your travel plans. Although there is a paid version for $3.99, the only difference is the free version does include advertisements. Easily keep all your confirmation numbers, times, and flight numbers in one place. Also include activity information and times so you don’t miss out on all the important events you want to see during your trip. Once your trip is set up in the app, email it to family or anyone who might need to get in touch with you during your vacation. All of this reduces the need for pesky paperwork.  To roam in non Wi Fi areas you will need the 3G roaming data for this app, which may result in quite a pricey data bill at the end of the vacation.  Most airports and hotel rooms do have aireless internet that you can access, although sometimes at a fee.  Seems like a cool app and it is free so it is worth a try.

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