It’s revving up to that time of year again when outdoor parties start filling up your calendar; and if you are usually the token guy manning the BBQ in the corner while everyone else lounges, this article is for you! Since we love “techy” things we decided to look for some cool finds for your seasonal 2nd job, just to help make things more interesting and fun.

1. LooftLighter

Do you love to BBQ on the old charcoal grill with coals, wood or perhaps heat beads, but hate getting stuck trying to get it lit or worry about the chemicals in the lighting fluids you use? This little tool claims to have you going in 60 seconds without any use of chemicals, and has you grilling in minutes!

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2. BBQ Grill Light & Fan

Who said LED lights only had to be for the path lighting; this super cool universal fit fixture claims to project a nice crisp light on your grill while also blowing the heat off of your face!  With this neat little fixture you can finally stop over cooking the burgers because you can’t see if they are done or not.

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3. iGrill mini

Want a colour coded app to help you grill your meat to perfection, while allowing you to take a few steps away from the BBQ to catch up with friends, or to replenish your beverage, well this may be a device for you. It looks super trendy and a definite conversation starter! Who knows it may actually attract people over to the BBQ with you.

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4. Recipe App: Epicourious

While not specifically a dedicated to grilling, this app has a dedicated grilling section that has almost 1,000 receipes for you to try out!  Its Free, available on iphones, android devices, Kindles, Windows phones and nooks.  Beware, with these delicious available in your pocket on the go, you may be finding yourself more inspired to be behind the grill this summer.

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