How to Improve Your Home Network Performance

Precise Systems Partners with Top Brands to Boost the System in Your Bermuda Home.

Creating a connected home that brings all your subsystems together is all about convenience. But there’s nothing convenient about a system that lags behind or faces constant interruptions, that’s why it is important to have a strong home networking system as the backbone of home automation.

Working with top brands Pakedge and Ihiji, Precise designs networks built for speed, expansion and, overall, convenience. Here are some of the ways our expert integrators create a foundation to meet your technology needs now and in the future.

Manage the Traffic in Your Home

Just like cars driving on a highway in a major city, the components in your home can create gridlock if not given enough room to flow. Pakedge solves the problem by segmenting traffic in your home according to its type then giving it color-coded priority tags. Many homes use VLANs to segment networks into smaller subnetworks and prioritize them to alleviate traffic, but VLANs are often difficult to configure. Pakedge simplifies the process by offering six pre-configured zones for your network: management, voice, audio/video, automation, data and guest.

Through a simple drag and drop process you can change the priority of the six systems when needed. Move the inactive guest zone forward when visitors arrive or prioritize the data zone when attempting to download or stream content. Segmenting your subsystems will not hurt the connectedness of your home as network bonding allows for information to be shared between different Pakedge Zones without sacrificing the flow of traffic.

Incorporate the Latest Technology

Many new technological developments, specifically in the audio and video industries, require a large digital bandwidth not supported by traditional home networks. Precise provides a system that combines wireless and wired connections to create a comprehensive network that can incorporate the latest advances without sacrificing the efficiency of your home.

Wires are extended to every corner of your Bermuda property via high-quality switches from Pakedge that can be configured and managed from a touch pad. High-powered routers, compatible with uncompressed audio and 4K video, support your network and boost your home’s AV system.

Get Comprehensive Remote Service  

With so many moving parts, even the sturdiest of networks will face speedbumps down the road. This is why Precise Systems partners with Ihiji to provide quick, consistent remote service for all the needs in your home. With Ihiji’s cloud-based service, there’s no need to hunt down every component of your network to find the problem and resolve it.

Once your project is complete, we connect to your network and scan all the IP-powered devices in your home. Once we have compiled a list with all your components, we can set up remote monitoring to get alerts anytime a device’s status changes. Through a VPN we can then access the device securely from anywhere in the world to resolve problems quickly and get your network working smoothly again in no time, often time before you even know there’s a problem.

The smart automation system in your home is only as strong as the network behind it. Contact Precise for a reliable system and service that meets the current and future needs of both you and your family members.

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