Lighting Control

With our home lighting automation systems you never have to guess what switch controls what. Buttons labeled to your specifications will control the lighting in every room of your Bermuda house.  For example, on your kitchen keypad you can have the following settings:

Crestron Keypad

  1. Ceiling
  2. Cabinet
  3. Dinner
  4. Morning
  5. Night

Precise Systems Integration can help you sculpt your home with lighting. Create beautiful scenes of ambience all with the touch of a button, pre-set to deliver the correct levels you have chosen for the occasion.  You can have pre-set levels for dinner, task mood, cooking, party mood, away setting, or whatever you wish.

Precise Systems can provide many lighting solutions that will make your day easier and more enjoyable.

  • Program your lighting so you never come home to a dark house, wall wash your home in soothing light, or highlight your garden with pre-programmed automatic lighting.  Your house will look beautiful and the lighting will make it appear as if someone is home.
  • Lighting can be set to travel/away mode- different lights will turn on and off to follow your daily lifestyle patterns so that outsiders will not suspect you are away.
  • Put your kids to bed and set the dimmer to slowly dim over a period of time to make going to bed easier for little ones.
  • Dimmers can adjust internal lighting according to the amount of natural light available, which will allow you to save energy.
  • Monitor and turn on and off lights from your touchpanel, keeping you in total control of your house.
  • No need to remember if you turned all the lights off on your way out, just press the convenient master off button and all the lights will automatically be switched off.