One of the most compelling features of a Crestron system is the ability to remotely monitor and control a home’s lighting, climate, and security system from another location.

Welcome to, a new Dynamic DNS service that furnishes a Crestron system with a friendly URL to enable constant remote access no matter how often an ISP changes your IP address.

Your personal domain is maintained on Crestron servers to help ensure reliable, secure remote access to your Crestron system when you need it.

Once a system has been programmed and commissioned by Precise Systems, it may be accessed from any Mac®, PC, iPhone® or other mobile device anywhere in the world.1

Precise is programming a Crestron system for the Smith’s home and wants to add the ability for Joe and Meg to control their system from anywhere in the world. The systems integrator from Preicse registers the subdomain “”. He then programs that subdomain into the Smith’s control system and enables e-Control®. After the system has been commissioned, Joe and Meg can access their home control system from a web browser on a Mac®, PC, Apple® iPhone® or other mobile device from anywhere in the world by visiting

  1. Requires additional software and setup. For solutions for Apple devices, see For other mobile solutions, please visit

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