Welcome to the summer in Bermuda, again! It’s time to get outside again and enjoy the long summer nights and hot (sometimes scorching) summer days.  Most will say ‘Don’t forget your sunscreen’, but we tech lovers also say ‘don’t forget your apps!’

Star gazing lately? Sky Guide ( ) is a great app to discover alone, or share with your family. Switch off the TV and gaze into your iPad while learning the constellations and viewing them in the sky. It makes for a great sleep over party trick, and sure beats the old glow in the dark stick on stars that used to litter the ceilings of kids rooms.

Bermuda Radar App:  ( Time the summer showers perfectly with this great Bermuda app!  No more getting stuck in a rain shower that seemed to come out of no-where.

Nike Plus App: ( ) Get out there, and get active with this cool tech app!  Its been around almost as long as the iPhone, and it is also available for the android team. It’s a fantastic app to help you track your progress and set our goals, while using this beautiful island as a training ground. Tried and tested, it really works great!

FlashLight Apps: These are extremely handy especially for finding your way back through the paths after a beach party, or navigating back to your car after spending the evening at your friend’s outdoor garden party. There are so many options out there, if you haven’t found one yet, this may be a good time to find the ‘install’ button on your phone and get one- you will thank us later.

The Red Cross First Aid App: Will you be spending the summer out on the boat, riding your bikes, camping, running around outside, jumping off of the various docks, and more? A first aid app isn’t a bad idea to keep on hand with you; as well as keeping a first aid kit in the car, boat or summer back pack.  Bumps, scrapes and other accidents can happen at any time, just not in the summer, but the season change is a good check in to make sure you are prepared.

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