Security and Intercom

Security Touch PanelMonitor your Bermuda home from your master bedroom, kitchen, home theatre or reading room. A touchpanel keeps you aware of what is happening around your home. Choose a home security camera and the picture appears on your screen. You can monitor the front door, entry gate, the kids in their play room and the baby sleeping in the nursery while you are in the kitchen.

Take it one step further and create the ultimate integration of whole home audio and video, security and voice communication.  With this system you will be instantly alerted when the doorbell rings, or when someone enters through your gate.  Whether you are in your home theatre or listening to music, the audio is lowered and the picture from your security camera will appear on your touchpanel or television.  From here you will be able to speak to your visitors all with the touch of a button.  

When you travel you never have to worry about what is happening at your home, access your home security system and cameras from overseas, or from any computer that is connected to the internet.