Designer LiteTouch Engraving

Icons and images have been used for telling stories, providing directions and labeling since the stone ages.  Icons are great because they are quickly understood by users and they can span across language barriers. 

 So if they are so great, why not incorporate them in your keypad designs for your LiteTouch system? Well now they are and are available for you to use to control your systems.  No need to write Left Foyer, Right Foyer, Desk, Fan, Shades, etc – just replace it with a clean simple image that is clear and easy to understand for everyone.

 Custom engraving is available to all LiteTouch installs both existing and new.  A simple upgrade such as icons instantly adds a more polished feel to your home or office. 

 Click here to download the LiteTouch Custom Engraving Brochure


Lite Touch is Wireless

Retrofit lighting control is in growing demand, and LiteTouch Wireless offers a rich and powerful lighting control system for whole-home retrofits and remodels. This new consumer-oriented brochure offers excellent product education on system features and benefits; an enticing presentation of LiteTouch’s beautiful retrofit keypad style; plus user-friendly Idea Book & Planner consumers can use to begin planning their own retrofit installation.

Consumers have a lot of questions about lighting control, especially in retrofit situations. It’s hard for many people to imagine how different and enhanced their existing home can be when LiteTouch Wireless is added to it.

The new LiteTouch Wireless brochure is designed to answer all those questions and more. Straightforward text and engaging visuals give consumers the whole story. The Idea Book & Planner affixed at the end is an easy-to-use workbook that lets homeowners see how simple it can be to plan their LiteTouch Wireless system.

A completed Planner makes installation so much easier for the LiteTouch installer because the homeowner is educated and engaged in the planning process. The homeowner is happy to get the most out of their system, and the installer is happy that the process was efficient and effective. Everybody wins!

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