The Fine Art of Concealing 

It’s no secret that flat-screen televisions are flying off retailer’s shelves and finding their way into living rooms, family rooms and media rooms across the country. But even before they’re installed, many homeowners are looking for ways to hide them from view when not in use. After all, a large slab of black glass mounted on the wall doesn’t complement the décor of most rooms.

Homeowners, interior decorators are turning to Precise Systems for innovative solutions to conceal home theater components and flat-screen televisions. Our solutions are perfect for residential installations, hotels, conference rooms and other commercial applications.

Concealing with Fine Art:

One of our solutions is concealing your television with Fine Art. Clients can chose from a large variety of custom frames and museum-quality prints that are on a motorized canvas that raises and lowers to reveal a television. Precise Systems helps you install and conceal technology into areas of the home where it would sometimes be welcomed.

How does it Work?

The system consists of a metal back-box, outfitted with a picture frame and a motorized assembly that raises and lowers the artwork. The back-box or housing can be surface mounted or recessed into a wall depending on the type of components to be covered. Each unit is custom made in almost many different display sizes.

There are more than 50 pre-finished frames to choose from. Frames come in different qualities, finishes and widths to suit the style of any décor.

There are three galleries of fine art from which to choose. The Premiere Gallery offers more than 300 limited-edition fine art prints, with each signed and numbered by the artist. The Asian Gallery, inspired by traditional Asian partition screens, includes an artist’s seal, and the Décor Gallery, consisting of unlimited edition prints, ranges in style from modern to traditional. The homeowner can also provide a digital file of a family photo or other artwork for the canvas.

The artwork is printed on the canvas using the Giclee process, a French term for “fine spray.” The digital process sprays special ink with 512 shades and more than 16 million gradations of color onto a 100-year-old archival canvas.

Concealing television displays with fine art is an elegant solution for both residential and commercial applications. If you are interested in purchasing a unit of your own please contact us so that we can get you started.  Each unit is custom built around a television and therefore the lead time on the custom order is 6-8 weeks.  Please keep this in mind if you are designing with a deadline in mind.  keep this in mind if you are designing with a deadline in mind.  There are different galleries with different price points to chose from, you can.  The system starts at about 4,000.00 and can go up depending on customizable options. 


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