The Styles of LiteTouch

Lite Touch has designed a slew of new keypad styles that suit a wide range of decors and come in a slew of colours and finishes.  These styles are so new that they are not all available until the end of this year.    

As always LiteTouch Low Voltage Keypads Offer Beauty, Simplicity and Elegance to Your Home. With the many button configurations and finishes to choose from, you have as many options as your imagination allows. Custom button engraving is available on every keypad allowing you to truly personalize any keypad.

LiteTouch Coastal Key Pad:


LiteTouch Metropolitan Key Pad:


LiteTouch Circa Key Pad:


LiteTouch Circa Key Pad:


If you did not like any of the new styles remeber that LiteTouch can make customized keypads.  Custom keypads are one of LiteTouch’s specialties.  Consumers can design their own keypad, including custom faceplate finishes.  Many customers choose LiteTouch because they are the one lighting control company who will give customers exactly what they want.  In fact, last year 20% of all the keypads ordered at LiteTouch were custom! 

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