Top News Apps for iPad

Pulse News for iPad
At the top of the list is Pulse, one of the highest rated news apps found in the App Store. At the incredibly low price of free, you get a truly one of a kind app (that is a member of the App Hall of Fame). Its features include: offline syncing (allows you to view your favorite news stories without an internet connection present), multiple news platforms (allowing you to view whatever you want in a clean, condensed format), easy sharing options, and more. If you’re a news junkie or an avid blog reader, you won’t want to miss this app.

BBC News
Offering news from around the world (not just the U.K.), BBC’s iPad app is incredible. With a user-friendly menu option with easy viewing of clean-cut articles (and there are also video reports as well), BBC definitely comes near the top of the list. It is a highly informative news source for any current events happening worldwide, and again, this one is free too.

USA Today
Another app with high reviews would be USA Today. With all the news, ranging from tech, markets, international, politics, life, economies, and even travel, USA Today’s free iPad app is a comprehensive news source for anyone looking to keep up on the latest events. It also offers a saving option for simple offline viewing, making news more portable than its ever been.

Newsy’s number one objective is convenience. Instead of giving people long-winded reports of minor happenings, Newsy offers quick, yet highly informative video clips to keep you updated without wasting your time. It’s one of a kind in that it gathers information from several sources across many mediums and boils it down into one short clip of only the relevant information. You can build your own playlist of your favorite videos from the dozens of categories Newsy offers in this free app, making it an invaluable resource to anyone interested in the news but with limited time.

News Pro
Saving the best for last, Reuter’s News Pro app offers more information than nearly any other news app out there. It has extremely high ratings among iPad users, and it is a user-friendly resource for getting the news (whether it be written, audio, or video reports). This too, offers the offline viewing option. The price? Like it’s fellow news apps above: free.

Whether you’re casually interested in keeping up with the news or a hardcore current events junkie, these are quite possibly the most valuable apps you can download to your iPad. And when none of them will cost you a penny, what reason is there to say no?

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