What does this all mean? Multi Window + Multi Source viewing on one display!

The DVPHD is the world’s only multi-window digital video processor, with native touchpanel control and annotation, that supports high-definition video and computer signals from multiple sources of virtually any type. Industry-leading support for HDCP ensures seamless compatibility-today and tomorrow-with content-protected DVD, Blu-ray Disc™, digital HDTV, and multimedia computer sources.

What does this all mean? Multi Window + Multi Source viewing on one display!

Multi window displays are great for residential, business, hospitality and educational applications.  With this technology you can have up to 8 sources simultaneously on the screen together.

If you are using this technology for presentations and teaching you can also include the HD Annotation programme that allows you to virtually draw on the screen so that you can better illustrate your presentation:

HD Annotation: The DVPHD-GB provides the essential annotation tools to make your point with maximum impact – easily and intuitively. Brush sizes and colors are selectable on the fly for ultimate clarity. Moving images can be frozen on screen to allow pinpoint annotation over a still picture. You can even annotate over two or more different sources at once for easy side-by-side comparison of multiple related images. High-definition annotation processing guarantees both the presenter and the audience sees everything in crisp detail.

If you think that is cool how about this: Crestron allow you to include your audience into your presentation by allowing multiple touchscreens to connect to your display with Interactive Annotation.

Interactive Annotation: Crestron exclusive Remote Annotation capability lets up to 90 individual touchpanel users “mass annotate” over the same image, supporting efficient and effective interaction between participants in a classroom, courtroom, council chamber, business presentation etc.

Imagine the possibilities: For example in a Video Conference  incorporate other applications like Go To Meeting and you can split your display screen with your computer, their computer, your room view and theirs!  Meeting participants can have individual touchscreens at their finger tips and they can quickly and accurately illustrate their points and questions across both sources!

This technology is awesome and can become a great asset to businesses, residences and hospitality applications.

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