You probably have all heard the famous line “Skype me” If you haven’t tried it, you should! If you have a Skype account ensure that you download the latest version as it is getting cooler and cooler + easier to find friends!

The newest features available for Skype are:

  • Ability to see your Facebook friends in your contact list! Be careful…depending on your Facebook list you may end up with a lot of contacts!!
  • Ability to instant message with your Facebook friends
  • New emotions…for the cute messaging
  • Upgrades to the call controls

So this bring us to the next point….none of this, besides the emotions and cooler controls, is great unless you have Facebook…..but Skype is still the coolest free video calling download going even without the F word (Facebook)

Skype also is touch on business solutions, which we are actively keeping on top of, which can help small and medium sized businesses in their day to day operations without having to spend 10s of thousands of dollars.

Skype for Business:

Look at all the options Skype offers!! These are sure to help your business stay connected with partners, clients, vendors and work associates worldwide.  The only thing that seems to be dragging is the inability to have Skype on a Blackberry….this is another place were the Android platform takes over and comes out on top!

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