LG is releasing a Pen Touch TV that will come on a 60” 3D and 60”/50” 2D screens retailing between 1,099.00- 2,199.00USD.  The Pen Touch system will allow you to draw on the screen, access PC files, create art work , keep calendars + more.  The Pen Touch TV comes with two rechargeable pens that you plug into USB ports, much like an iPod.

So is this where TVs are going?  Sure this is very cool…but why?  Haven’t we moved away from Plasma TVs and moved on to LED TVs to become more green?  When will you be close enough to a 60” TV to write on it?  Some may think this is great for kids, but wouldn’t you want your kids to play on a iPad rather than an ultra bright 60” Plasma TV.  Time will tell about the LG Pen Touch, this may be only be a first step that will evolve into something more, or maybe this TV has an application in only a certain environment (educational, medical, etc), or maybe it will fall flat and LG will move on quickly to recover and invent something else.

This may not be where TVs are going, but one thing is certain, TV and media developers are looking for a way to reinvent the TV and change how we use it.  In the past few years we have seen slimmer TVs, 3D, internet connected TVs (Google TV), Streaming TV (Netflix, Hulu, etc), Apple TV, Youtube integration and more.  Some of these were misses and some are slowly catching on and been used in more and more households.

In Bermuda it is hard for us to take advantage of all of the streaming content due to the smaller bandwidth that we are limited to here, but as that increases overtime we may see more and more consumers opting for internet TV options rather than cable as you can chose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it and from what device you wish to view it over (iPad, TV, iPhone etc.)

TV’s are changing and it will be interesting to see where they go…. and who will be the one to take over the TV market.

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