YouTube to Launch 100 Online Streaming TV Channels

Google owned YouTube has announced that they will be launching 100 online channels with original programming from names like: Wall Street Journal, Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Jay-Z, Tony Hawk, Antony Zuiker (the creator of CSI), and more.

This may be Google’s newest big push into streaming media, as the site is already established and the viewers are there ready for more!  YouTube is already a worldwide hit with over two billion video views daily being reported, and the site is only 6 years old.

Google is reportedly forking up about $100m to get this launch started, and are hoping for daily uploads of about 25 hours from these new featured channels.

TV production companies and film studios are also popping up and getting involved in the new launch, it will be interested to see what they will bring to the site.  Will there be new series? Is it all original content only viewable on YouTube?  Will you be able to catch your favorite TV shows on YouTube?  Will we get the annoying “Content not available in your area” message? We will have to wait and see.  To get a sneak peak on what’s being created visit YouTube’s Original Channels site.

The convenience of internet streaming media has broadened our choices in entertainment.  It offers things such as:

  • Content from all over the world, from many different producers
  • Flexible viewing convenience, start, stop, fast forward;
  • Ease of viewing (you don’t need a TV ) tablets, smartphones, laptops all allow you to view online streaming content;
  • Ease of sharing, ability to embed in blogs, emailing links etc;
  • Ability to sign up for notifications so that you know when new content is posted
  • Instant access to viewer’s reviews, if the videos have a comment section.

AS for YouTube’s Streaming media: Expect the new channels to start rolling out next month and continue through next year. Sign up to get info on the new channels as they’re announced.

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