One of my favorite Apple Apps for iPad is the Zinio Magazine App.  It is free to download and it enables you to receive Magazines from all over the world on your iPad.  You can get magazine subscriptions for prices like 12.99 for the year! That is about the price of one magazine on the local news stands.  Plus you can access your account on your PC as well, so you don’t have to actually have an iPad to take advantage of this great service.  I have been using the Zinio App for about 4 months now and it is very stable and it has no problem with international credit cards. With this on your iPad you carry a stack of digital magazines around with you without being weighed down, which makes it great for travel.

 Besides automatic delivery of magazines, dirt cheap pricing of subscriptions, access to magazines around the world, and compact light digital storage; one of the best things about the App is you are not wasting paper by throwing out stacks of magazines every year, and you are reducing the carbon foot print because no jet fuel or diesel fuel has been used in your magazine’s delivery.   

Ashley Roberts | Precise Systems

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